79-Year Old Shot Dead, Stray Bullet To Blame?

By: Amanda Crum - February 26, 2013

A 79-year old man was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment on Sunday, and police are trying to figure out exactly what happened.

James Jackson was found with a gunshot wound to the neck after his wife–who is blind and wears a hearing aid–reported to a neighbor that she couldn’t wake him. Neighbors say he had no enemies and investigators found no evidence of a break-in, prompting them to believe he might have been the tragic victim of a stray bullet. Jackson’s wife would have been asleep at the time without her hearing aid, making it plausible that she never heard the shot.

“She said, “Joyce could you come down here, I can’t wake up Tyrone”, he was laying in the couch in a puddle of blood,” a neighbor said.

Jackson is described by those who knew him as a kind man who was quick to help anyone who needed it.

“He was a good person,” said neighbor Eric Turner, 47. “If you needed something, he’d always give it to you.”

Amanda Crum

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  • Floyd

    Stray bullets are that common in Brooklyn? God help us.

  • Vern Wheatley

    I heard he didn’t vote for Obama and Communism.

    • http://yahoo.com lafferty

      Screw you facist pig

    • YC

      Vern, you are one COLD and heartless person, in case you missed it, a 79 year old is dead leaving behind his blind and partially deaf wife. There is absolutely no need for politics here; you are one bitter and hateful person.

      • http://yahoo.com lafferty

        Republicans are idiots they blame every thing on Obama when this crap was Bushes falt.

        • B-RAD

          WOW. 5 years later and its still Bush’s fault. Your a moron.

        • Me

          Everyone does this to each other…It’s part of the whole political game. Unfortunately, there are people like you who are narrow minded. The Dems did it to everyone else…Come on out with your facts…I do love a good debate

        • BonnieT.

          Geez Dude at what point do you low information voters stop blaming Bush and realize what is going on in this country? You need to think things through and open up your mind to what is happening in the world. I for one have learned how to know when Obama is lying. HIS LIPS ARE MOVING!

    • Seli


  • Richard

    Maybe someone took Bidens advice and shot two times up in the air.

    • http://yahoo.com lafferty

      screw you

      • http://yahoo.com lafferty

        Republicans can go to hail

        • Me

          Seriously? You cannot even spell hell…This is about a poor man who died…not politics…

  • melanie

    my heart breaks for all of the innocent people that have been killed or wounded by handguns lately my heart goes out to all the innicent now how in the world is she going to take care of herself my deepest condolences to her and the family youll will be in my prayers god bless

  • Carl

    Maybe he was shot by a stand your ground rights person. Now is that person a criminal or what.

    • Fred

      I see what You are saying, if someone could really prove that they were defending themselves from someone else @ the time. That would have made it a terrible accident.

  • Rueben

    stray bullets is common… look at Manhattan… that shooting by the empire state building in 2012… 9 people were hit… and 1 innocent bystander died… all by stray bullets from the police… The original shooter shot one bullet… and the police shot everything else.

  • Me

    I cannot imagine what this poor woman is going through. She spent a lifetime with the love of her life only for him to have died is such a disrespectful way. May God be with her, her family and friends.

  • kyle

    oh by golly,wow!”can’t we all just get along”….cowabunga!

  • Fred

    Maybe we should blame the cars for auto accidents, and not the drivers.He was found in his own home, so stand your ground would have worked for him if he were to shoot someone on his property. IJS

  • Rick

    Love the spelling in the comments section. LMAO

  • James

    It’s not a Rep or Dem thing it’s a People thing some are law abiding and others decide to become criminals. Instead of gun control lets make the punishment fit the crime, (ie: you kill you die. We need to stop treating the criminal element with more respect than we treat the law abiding people.

  • James

    Before anyone gets bent out of shape, Yes, I am a firearms owner, Yes, I do believe in the second amendment, No, I do not think people need large capacity magazines. Having said all that think people anything used to caommit an assault is an assault weapon, so do we ban baseball bats, cars, sticks laying in the street or do we get tough on criminals and make them afraid to go to jail?

    • Tracie

      Exactly !! If you are a black belk in Martial Arts and you assault someone then guess what … your entire body is an assault weapon at that point. So what do we ban people from getting their belts in Karate and Various Martial Arts? No it comes down to this: Before letting anyone buy a gun do the following: federal background check, pass a class with a certificate to proof you have taken it at a federal/state facility near you, educate everyone on exactly how a gun is to be used and how it is to be stored, and most of all STOP blaming guns for killing people !! People kill People not guns or anything you choose to use.

      • Bill

        Tracie, many countries put extra responsibility on those who learn martial arts at the highest levels. They must use their training according to accepted guidelines or they’re in the hot seat from a legal standpoint more than the average citizen who happens to get into a fight. They’re treated like a cop with a gun more or less.

    • Bill

      That sounds all well and good but NY, where I live, just passed a law in two seconds that says I have a year to register my two rifles because they hold more than 7 rounds. They are stock rifles, nothing special. One holds 10 and the other is a tube-feed .22 that holds 17. $69.99 at K-Mart. According to the all-wise and powerful state of NY that makes it an assault weapon. This is why some of us attack every proposed gun restriction. We have more information than you have. We’ve seen the gov’t act many times in the past, and we know how they think. They are trying to slowly disarm the public, make no mistake about it.

      • James

        I hear you Bill, but, like I said I am a believer in the 2nd Amaendment and I will not give up the “assault Rifles” I own or have ordered. I believe completely and wholeheartedly that if we start making punishments fit crimes instead of giving criminals free education, cable TV, and all the other perks they get for commiting a crime then and only then will we see a reduction in the crime rate.

  • http://yahoo.com old grey mare

    Please grow up people. This is not about Rep. or Dem. or Independents. It is about an elderly man that was shot, leaving behind an aged widow who is both blind and with impaired hearing. Since Mr. Johnson has a son/s, hopefully they will provide for the widow. In the meantime, it would be very good if the means of shooting this gentleman could be found. Frankly, all the name calling and blaming each others political party is just more evidence that passing the buck has become the favorite pastime of the American public. How about growing up folks, and start using your minds for something besides keeping your ears apart. Oh and along the way, cleaning up your vocabulary would be helpful in understanding what you were trying to say. old grey mare

  • James

    It’s a shame when people want to play the politics, or race, or any other card when a violent crime is committed, it reallly doesn’t speak well for our society as a whole. Just as some have stated in earlier responses to this unfortunate situation, Guns don’t kill people, People kill people. My prayers to the victims of all the sensless violence out there. In a perfect world there would be no use of any weapon to take human life on purpose or by accident. THIS isn’t a perfect world. People really need to think before opening their mouths and letting everyone else see just how ignorant they are.