727-Pound Alligator Killed in Mississippi

    September 3, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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This weekend, the first weekend of alligator season in Mississippi, two people broke the state record for the heaviest alligator that has been documented only hours apart.

The previous record for the heaviest alligator was 697.5 pounds, and it was taken from the Pascagoula River in 2008. This record was first broken by Beth Trammell who took a 13-foot, 5.5-inch long, 723.5-pound alligator early on Sunday morning in Issaquenna County in the Yazoo Diversion Canal. However, Trammell only held the record for approximately an hour before a new one was set once again.

Later on Sunday, Dustin Bockman, who is a UPS driver from Vicksburg, took the 727-pound alligator from the Mississippi River in Claiborne County. His alligator was 13-feet, 4.5-inches long. To assist him with the alligator, Bockman’s brother, Ryan Bockman, and his friend, Cole Landers was there.

Catching this alligator was no easy task for Bockman. The alligator put up a fight and it took him, his brother, and his friend over an hour to get the alligator to them to where they could get a kill shot. “He broke all the lines we could put in him. Finally put a snare on him and got him up high enough and put a shot on him. All in all probably took us four and a half hours to catch him from the first time we saw him,” Bockman said on Monday.

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  • Kitty

    I think it is disgusting that humans have resorted to hunting for fun, not for food. We have plentiful resources today for animal meat. Killing animals for the fun of it is plain inhumane and unnecessary. Might as well go join the Kartrashians, because that is how ridiculous hunting and killing for the heck of it truly is on planet earth.

    • Nick

      Amen Kitty, makes me sick

  • Nick

    Amen Kitty, makes me sick

  • Nick

    Well I’ve tried to post the same comment twice and it still won’t show up, you guys run a great website

  • nothingman

    Im not a hunter or killer. I don’t even smash or kill bugs. I do flush them though, But it is alligator season in the state of Mississippi. These seasons are put in place for a reason. I have come to realize this over the years after seeing first hand tragedies that occur if you don’t THIN the heard. We all think its an awful thing up in till a family of 4 riding in a vehicle hits a deer killing them all or little Timmy goes fishing with fluffy and they both end up in an 727 pound alligator. Then everyone starts crying about what could have we done to prevent those events from happing. Its unfortunate but hunting has to be done. When the seasons over and they do this they become poachers and the law will come down on them.

  • Klove

    I AM SICKEN BY THE LACK OF COMMON SENSE THESE COUNTRY HICKS CLEARLY DONT HAVE! WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU STALK, HUNT,& KILL SUCH AN AMAZING ANIMAL!! They need to be fined and jailed and whoever assisted them should also do jail time for killing an animal that has survived for 60 years! SENSELESS

    THIS IS OUTRIGHT MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Klove

    I just totally figured out WHY THEY KILLED THE GATOR! Its called Little Di..k syndrome. When a man sees something bigger than his di..k he looks at it as a challenge and his only way of dealing with it is to kill it!


    I wish the gator would have pulled them all in and ate them as they have decided to eat him!!

    SICK LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!