666 Stamped W-2 Leads To Employee Quitting His Job

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666 Stamped W-2 Leads To Employee Quitting His Job
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A man in Clarksville, Tennessee has resigned from his job of two years because he received a W-2 form stamped with “666”, which is known in religious circles as the “mark of the beast”.

52-year old Walter Slonopas says he and the company have had issues with the number before, and this was his breaking point. On his first day on the job, he was to be given a time-clock number of 668; however, due to a mistake by the human resources department, the number he got was 666. After making a complaint, he was issued a new number. But when the company upgraded their time system, he was given the offending digits again. After that, he says, he quit, but the company rectified the situation and he accepted their offer to come back to work.

But the mark of the devil just keeps finding him, it seems, as he was recently mailed a W-2 that had the number stamped on it. The company says the number is simply a way for them to keep track of how many were mailed out, but Slonopas doesn’t care. He’s quit for a second time, and says he won’t go back.

“I am completely at a loss for words,” he said. He added that he can’t file his taxes until the company sends him a new form.

“If you accept that number, you sell your soul to the devil,” he said.

666 Stamped W-2 Leads To Employee Quitting His Job
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  • KS

    @Anon – Funny

    ‘We’ end up paying for unemployment ONLY if a person is fired, not for one who voluntarily quits the job, 666 or otherwise, so we don’t have to worry about this guy. Anyway, the company rehired him.

    Agree, looks like its his employee number and unless they terminate the current profile and rehire as a new one, the company is just masking the issue, from him :)

  • http://hell.com s. atan

    He can’t have that number. It’s Mine!!!!!

    • http://hell.com s. atan


  • http://Mabuzi.com Mabuzi

    In this regard he is turning religion into superstition!

  • Jacob Michaelson

    Oh yes intelligence at its best! Bless your heart sir and I hope you realize that 666 could be representative of the number of man (symbology) according to the Bible yet the number of man still could be any number or sequence representing man. What do you think a Social Security Number is? Thank you for quitting your job so the company can now hire someone of higher intelligence. LOL

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