666 Stamped W-2 Leads To Employee Quitting His Job

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666 Stamped W-2 Leads To Employee Quitting His Job
[ Business]

A man in Clarksville, Tennessee has resigned from his job of two years because he received a W-2 form stamped with “666”, which is known in religious circles as the “mark of the beast”.

52-year old Walter Slonopas says he and the company have had issues with the number before, and this was his breaking point. On his first day on the job, he was to be given a time-clock number of 668; however, due to a mistake by the human resources department, the number he got was 666. After making a complaint, he was issued a new number. But when the company upgraded their time system, he was given the offending digits again. After that, he says, he quit, but the company rectified the situation and he accepted their offer to come back to work.

But the mark of the devil just keeps finding him, it seems, as he was recently mailed a W-2 that had the number stamped on it. The company says the number is simply a way for them to keep track of how many were mailed out, but Slonopas doesn’t care. He’s quit for a second time, and says he won’t go back.

“I am completely at a loss for words,” he said. He added that he can’t file his taxes until the company sends him a new form.

“If you accept that number, you sell your soul to the devil,” he said.

666 Stamped W-2 Leads To Employee Quitting His Job
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  • the dead rat

    This dumbass keeps quitting his job because of a number?! Good luck trying to get another job after explaining that in an interview.

  • janet

    than I better kill myself because thats my Birthdate lol….

    • james

      no, dont kill yourself. youre needed in the world. thats an interesting date for a birthday. have a good day

  • Debra Smith

    I am a Christian, but when I got a cellphone no. that started with 666 I had to giggle…. I told clerk “Well, if the Devil thinks he will have a hotline through me, he’s got another thing coming !”. It has been interesting to see people’s reactions when I give them my phone no. though.

  • Alicia

    I would have laughed! :D

  • Skye

    I had a somewhat similar experience. I was shopping and at the checkout, my final payment was $666.06. I just reached over and grab a couple of candy bars near the checkout to alter number. I probably wouldn’t have quit my job, esp in this economy but I would’ve spoken up again.

    • james

      when i comes to the 666 number is more in the area that when someone in the future “makes” you put that number on your forehead or hand, then its time to say ‘adios amigo”. have a good day

  • Duderino

    Dude, it is just a number. Geez. Brainwashing runs deep in some circles I guess.

    • Roxy

      So true, 1/2 the world is brainwashed.

  • lui

    this is a sign. its all part of their evil plan.. this calls for wisdom.. its in revelations scriptures.. read it

    • james

      no evil plan. but just wait till in the future sometime some guy says everyone must have this number, like a microchip, which i do believe it will be and given at birth. thats the time you have to make that decision. have a good day

  • http://jcwitmer.blogspot.com Jake Witmer

    This is hilarious. The IRS steals more than half the wealth of the nation, and almost all of the capital savings necessary to start new businesses. The Fed then steals the little that’s left over. Capitalists somehow manage to innovate anyway, in spite of their irrational religious upbringings.

    Religion finally lines up with the rationality of not wanting to be a slave –not for any good reason, but because you don’t like the slave number that’s been assigned to you. The only thing more hilariously appropriate would be if this guy went on to rebel against the government, and was the figurehead of a movement that succeeded in ridding us all of the bloated and oppressive US government.

    …Or people could get a brain and learn about real heroes like Vivien Kellems.


  • GAC

    Better not move to Topeka, KS, all zipcodes start with 666

    • james

      funny sir. the best one yet

  • j

    He is the “chosen one”.

    • james

      he, they guy in the article, is the chosen one. clarify please. and what is a “chosen one”. have a good day

      • Jo

        “chosen one” means zionist… duh

  • joey

    IF the Bible or Koran is stupid, you must have written some great stuff, considering the bible is the most owned book of all times lol. You must have written twilight with that lady, huh? lol or War and peace perhaps

    • james

      lol, to funny. have a good day

    • Travis Price

      Seriously? While he’s allowed to make whatever choice he wants about his job, it’s kind of stupid to quit a job over something so ridiculous.

    • David R

      The Bible was written by ignorant Bronze Age goat f*ckers. Move along nothing to see hear.

  • Mary

    How stupid to quit a job over something so assinine. Grow up.

    • Vanilla Star


    • james

      agreed, but there will be a time in the future when someone will say you have to get this “666” number in order to do anything. have a good day

      • Jackie Renfroe

        And when the government (or anyone else for that matter) tells you in order for you to purchase anything you have to get the sign of the beast…that my friend is when you’ve sold your soul to the devil. 666 is scripture. The Word of God is true from beginning to end!

  • Jojn

    That’s taking things a little too literally.

    The passage was written in Hebrew… can’t make the symbols but their names are VAV_SHEMEKH_FINALMEM (I think)

    In Roman numerals 666 = DCLXVI (if I remember correctly)

    In binary (most used system today) it’s 1010011010.

    and what happens if a new numerical system is used for computing

    so which is the “mark” of the devil?

    I really think the “number” is figurative

  • Roxy

    so true, half the world is brainwashed.

  • jackie

    i wonder how boring his home life is that he only has time to complain about a number.. many people want jobs and cant get them and thisjerk quits. it one thing to have beliefs which in 1 way or another we all do but to quit?? really…

  • matthew

    I am a christian, I believe in the end times coming. I probably wouldn’t have liked to have a clock in number of 666 but I sure wouldn’t quit or refuse to file my taxes because of it. I do not think having that number around means you have sold your soul to the devil, that is just ridiculous superstition.

  • http://Yahoo Jojo

    Ok…first of all, many people will be taking the mark of the beast and it will somehow be part of the body….chip implant maybe???? anyway…it is unlikely that you alone are the one and only person who will take it and it will not realize any consequences….if you really are a believer, stop this religious superstitious junk. You make real believers look like morons!

  • k, kirschner

    God bless him…His rewards will be great

    • fruit salad

      you are a complete and total moron

  • Trey

    He doesn’t need to worry about those numbers. He should read Revelation Ch 1 v3.

  • mike Tom

    He is a little too superstitious if he believes that those numbers are a bad omen. They are simply numbers that identify the Beast. Find and read a book called “National Sunday Law” to find out who the beast is, and what he’s all about. Number sometimes do just mean a sum, and nothing more.

  • cat

    I can understand why he did what he did . But have we all been misinformed about this number ? It was written in another language and what was the original number ? Was there even a 6 and has it been translated correctly ? One thing I do know is most people don’t read their Bible from beginning to end . I have and I chose the New World Translation . Reading it correctly gave me an understanding that I didn’t have before .Think about it if you read a Stephen King novel in bits and pieces taking from here and there would you ever understand the story ? I think not . I don’t feel that those who haven’t read The Bible have any real justification in discussing it’s contents .Whether you believe it or don’t , if you want to talk about it , read it from front to back ,the way any book should be read .

  • Skooter

    I guess we all have our hell days at work. I’m sure someone looking for work would gladly take his.

  • Robin

    The Bible considers the number 7 to be perfection. So 6 would be short of perfection. Stating 6 three times as 666 means gross imperfection. The ‘mark of the wild beast’, or this 666, is a mark of human organizations that support…whether knowingly or not, the work of the devil.. in other words putting trust in man over God in hopes man can solve our problems. We shouldn’t put our faith in man or the things in the world which are all ruled by Satan. The mark is figurative, not literal. So having a literal number of 666 used as an employee number, post office box, etc. is nothing more than a number and is not used as this ‘mark’ and is not evil.

    • Chris

      That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. There is no god, no devil, just mankind on this earth. Any visions of a god are manifested through solace to comfort those who fear death and wish for control through fear. It’s a scare tactic and to deject that idea is just blatant ignorance.If people weren’t afraid of an almighty deity that could punish them then they’d be more inclined to act upon free will, actual free will.

      • chris m

        You cannot logically state that there is no God because you cannot know all things so as to determine that there is no God.

    • Velouria

      Also there’s no devil and no Hell, so you’ve got that going on too.

  • dan

    Not smart enough to change number one more time? Now what unemployment? He just does not want to work!!!!!!

  • Shirley

    God Bless you for sticking by your decision. If I make a purchase and
    that number comes up, I’ll by something else to make it different. When
    I was a cashier I always brought it to the attention of my customers
    just in case they missed it. It gave them the opportunity to decide what
    they chose to do and 8 out of 10 usually bought another item as well.

    • Taluscat

      So, you’re saying you’re a bit mental too?

    • Velouria

      Why? If you believe the Bible, the number means nothing until the AC comes back. So who cares if you run across it in daily life?

  • http://webpronews joanna

    i don’t think you can sell your soul that easily, unless yours is up for sale. is it? if not then the number is going to mean nothing. keep your faith strong and go back to work.

  • S

    It’s sad how quick people are to judge someone’s beliefs. Remember when you point at someone and judge, three of your fingers are pointing back at you. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. On the Day of Judgment will you pass?

    • fruit salad

      when you die and go nowhere, will your dead body be displeased that you lied to it its whole life with your storybook characters? probably

    • bballbetty

      Please show me in the Bible where he is justified in his actions. If you rightly divide the word, you will know that 666 is not applied to today. This man is just wrong and uninformed. It’s not a popular number to a Christian, however, it becomes an idol if it is taken out of context and that is exactly what this man has done.

      • S

        “Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, its number is six hundred and sixty-six.” (Revelation 13:16-18 RSV)

  • kitkat

    Hope his unemployment check doesnt have 666 on it would be hard to send that back

  • judy

    i don’t blame him, i would not want that number .

  • mike

    Good. I hope this ignorant piece of trash dies in poverty.

    • fruit salad

      glad to see not everyone has gone down into the single digit IQ

    • jojo

      @Mike, your nasty, hateful comment tells how cold and mean you must be. You must be a very unhappy person. This man who believes in Jesus, did the right thing. Something you would not understand. Instead of condemning him why don’t you do something intelligent and start reading the Bible. Only THEN can you give a fair comment.

  • fruit salad

    dumbest thing i ever heard and he should be taken out, slapped, and barred from ever working anywhere ever again or going near a church

    jesus christ i can’t believe this actually happen… it sounds like an onion article but it’s real life

  • Alex

    666? I like it. I think I’ll play it in the Cash 3 tonight.

  • bballbetty

    As a Bible-believing Christian, the prophetic number or mark in Revelation 13:17-18 is not applied to today. There is nothing supernatural about the number 666 until the time of the Great Tribulation. I’m sure this man had good intentions, but he is just uninformed.

    • S

      How do you know this does not apply to today. Do you know when the Great Tribulation is coming. If you do please tell me!

      • bballbetty

        No one knows. It hasn’t happened yet because the church has not been raptured.

      • S

        That is correct. So, how do you know that the book Revelation does not apply to today? Shouldn’t we be prepared? Don’t you think this man wants to be ready? 666 is not supernatural, it is a sign.

  • MaryBeth Denbrug

    I used to live right outside Perrysburg Ohio and I kid you not, the phone numbers there started with 666 lol. Area code was 419, but then the phone numbers would start with 666.

    I’m not a fan of the number, but it didn’t cause me to move or anything. If the man really thinks this was the devil’s way of getting at him did he not just let the devil win by quitting his job?

    Makes no sense to me.

  • The Judge

    LOL….why do folks continue to get his wrong – it is absolutely ok to judge – we make judgements every single day and every single hour. The only thing that is not ok to judge is what is in a persons soul….very simple concept. NOt sure why that is so hard to understand.

    • bballbetty

      THANK YOU! The term “judge” is taken out of context too much!

  • Sandra Lou

    The Meaning of Numbers: The Number 666

    The number six hundred sixty six is “the number of a name” (Revelation 13:17-18). When the name of Antichrist is known its Gematria (substituting numbers for letters) will doubtless be found to be 666. But this number has, we believe, a far deeper reference to and connection with the secret mysteries of the ancient religions, which will be again manifested in connection with the last great apostasy.

    Many names may be found, the numerical value of whose letters amounts to 666. We have a list of about forty such gematria. Most of them are ridiculous, inasmuch as instead of the gematria being confined to Hebrew and Greek (which have no Arabic or other special signs for figures), the principle is extended to names in English, French, and other modern languages, on the assumption that they would have been spelt in exactly the same way; whereas we know that names both of persons and places are not simply transliterated in various languages. It is absurd therefore to attempt to take words from the modern European languages which use Arabic figures.

    Gematria is not a means by which the name is to be discovered; but it will be a test and a proof by which the name may be identified after the person is revealed.

    If six is the number of secular or human perfection, then 66 is a more emphatic expression of the same fact, and 666 is the concentrated expression of it; six hundred sixty-six is therefore the triple of human perfection; the perfection of imperfection; the culmination of human pride in independence of God and opposition to His Christ.

    The number, however, has to be computed, to reckon, to calculate, not merely to count or enumerate). See Revelation 13:18. Therefore it is not to be known by gematria merely, though, as we have said, that will be one of the factors in the calculation, just as the letters in the word Jesus amount to 888.

    But 666 was the secret symbol of the ancient pagan mysteries connected with the worship of the Devil. It is to day the secret connecting link between those ancient mysteries and their modern revival in Spiritualism, Theosophy, etc. The efforts of the great enemy are now directed towards uniting all into one great whole. The newspapers, worldly and religious, are full of schemes as to such a union. “Reunion” is in the air. The societies for the re-union of Christendom, and the Conferences for the re-union of the Churches, are alike parts of the same great movement, and are all making for and are signs of the coming Apostasy. During this age, “Separation” is God’s word for His people, and is the mark of Christ; while “union” and “re-union” is the mark of Antichrist.

    How is the number 6 stamped on ancient mystery religions?

    The number 6 was stamped on the old mysteries. The great secret symbol consisted of the three letters SSS, because the letter S in the Greek alphabet was the symbol of the figure 6. a = 1, b = 2, g = 3, d = 4, e = 5, but when it came to 6, another letter was introduced! Not the next – the sixth letter (z, zeta) – but a different letter, a peculiar form of S, called “stigma” (V). Now the word stigma (stigma), means a mark, but especially a mark made by a brand as burnt upon slaves, cattle, or soldiers, by their owners or masters; or on devotees who thus branded themselves as belonging to their gods. It is from stizo, to prick, or brand with a hot iron. Hence it came to be used of scars or wound-prints, and it is thus used by Paul of his scars, which he regarded as the tokens of his sufferings, the marks which he bore on his body for the sake of his Lord and Master, and marking him as belonging to the one who had bought him (Galatians 6:17).

    This letter is becoming familiar to us now; and it is not pleasant when we see many thus marked (ignorantly, no doubt) with the symbolical “S,” “S,” especially when it is connected, not with “salvation,” but with judgment, and is associated with “blood and fire,” which, in Joel 2:30-31, is given as one of the awful signs “before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.”

    Apostasy is before us. The religion of Christ has, in the past, been opposed and corrupted, but when it once comes, as it has come in our day, to be burlesqued, there is nothing left but judgment. There is nothing more the enemy can do before he proceeds to build up the great apostasy on the ruins of true religion, and thus prepare the way for the coming of the Judge.

    It is remarkable that the Romans did not use all the letters of their alphabet, as did the Hebrews and Greeks. They used only SIX letters,* D, C, L, X, V, and I. And it is still more remarkable, and perhaps significant, that the sum of these amounts to 666:

    * The M appears to have been merely two D’s.





















    In each of the three pairs there is an addition of one, for 6 = 5 + 1. It is the grace of God superseded by the corruption of man.

    It will be seen from this that six-hundred and sixty-six is very far-reaching, and is filled with a meaning deeper, perhaps, than anything we have yet discovered. One thing, however, is certain, and that is, that the triple 6 marks the culmination of man’s opposition to God in the person of the coming Antichrist.

    Further illustration of the importance of this number is seen in the fact that the duration of the old Assyrian empire was 666 years before it was conquered by Babylon.

    Which three men stand out as ENEMIES of God?

    There are three men in the bible which stand out in Scripture as the avowed enemies of God and of His people. Each is branded with this number six that we may not miss their significance:
    GOLIATH, whose height was 6 cubits, and he had 6 pieces of armor;* his spear’s head weighed 600 shekels of iron (1Samuel 17:4-7).

    * In Ephesians 6:14-18, the Christian’s armor has a seventh piece – “Prayer.”

    NEBUCHADNEZZAR, whose “image” which he set up,** was 60 cubits high and 6 cubits broad (Daniel 3:1), and which was worshipped when the music was heard from 6 specified instruments.***

    ** We must distinguish the “image” which he set up, from the “man” of whom he afterwards dreamt. The proportions are not the same. The height of a man is to his breadth not as 10:1. Some have therefore thought that this “image” may have been an obelisk. But as the word for “image” denotes a form or likeness, it may have been like the form of a man standing on a pedestal of which the height was included. The pedestal being probably 24 (6×4) cubits, and the image 36 (6×6).

    *** The numerical value (by gematria) of the words in Daniel 3:1, which describe the setting up of this image is 4662. The very figures are significant, but still more so are the factors of this number. 4662 = 7 x 666.

    3. ANTICHRIST, whose number is 666.

    In the first we have one six connected with the pride of fleshly might.

    In the second we have two sixes connected with the pride of absolute dominion.

    In the third we have three sixes connected with the pride of Satanic guidance.

    How is the number 666 related to the wealth of Solomon?

    The number of talents of gold brought to Solomon each year was 666:

    “The weight of gold that came to Solomon YEARLY was six hundred and sixty-six talents of gold, BESIDES what the traveling merchants and traders brought. And all the kings of Arabia and governors of the country brought gold and silver to Solomon.” (1Kings 10:13-14)

    Solomon received six-hundred and sixty-six talents of gold EACH year, which in today’s world (assuming $1,500 per troy ounce) would be worth close to TWO BILLION dollars! But this perfection of money-power was only “vanity and vexation of spirit” (Ecclesiastes 2:8,11; compare 1Timothy 6:10).

    What is the meaning of 666?

    As to the triple 6’s, we have already seen that while one figure (6) is significant, two figures (66) are still more so; and three figures (666) seem to denote the concentration or essence of the particular number.

    We see further examples of this in:

    Jesus, 888, the dominical number.

    Sodom, 999, the number of judgment.

    Damascus, 444, the world number.

    The beast, 666, the number of man.

    “Verily, verily, I say unto you,” 888.

    The Lord God made, 888; etc., etc.

    “The children of Adonikam” who returned from the Captivity (Ezra 2:13) numbered 666. Adonikam means the lord of the enemy. This is suggestive, even though it may be vague.

    The number 666 has another remarkable property. It is further marked as the concentration and essence of 6 by being the sum of all the numbers which makes up the square of six! The square of six is 36 (6×6), and the sum of the numbers 1 to 36 = 666, i.e., 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 + 12 + 13 + 14 + 15 + 16 + 17 + 18 + 19 + 20 + 21 + 22 + 23 + 24 + 25 + 26 + 27 + 28 + 29 + 30 + 31 + 32 + 33 + 34 + 35 + 36 = 666.

    They may be arranged in the form of a square with six figures each way, so that the sum of each six figures in any direction shall be another significant triplicate: the number 111.





































    Additional commentary on the Biblical Meaning of 666 *

    “666” is the number and mark of the Beast of Revelation 13. It symbolizes the perfection of man’s system — separated from God and under Satan’s rule — in two ways:
    First, 6 divided by 2 equals 3. Man’s system is made up of 3 parts, with each represented by a 6: man’s governments under Satan, man’s religions worshiping Satan, and man’s economic systems under Satan.

    Second, when 666 is multiplied by 7 it equals 4662, which depicts man’s complete imperfection under Satan. When added across, 4 + 6 + 6 + 2 = 18; and 18 divided by 3 is 6.

    Additional Study Materials
    from BibleStudy.org

    What is the KEY to
    learning Bible Prophecy?

    What is the
    MARK of the BEAST?

    Which countries will soon help
    the BEAST POWER of Revelation?

    Biblical Meaning of Numbers


    1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 6 and 7 – 7 – 8 – 8 and 7

    8 and 13 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12 – 13 – 14 – 15 – 16 – 17

    18 – 19 – 20 – 21 – 22 – 24 – 25 – 27 – 28 – 29 – 30

    31 – 33 – 34 – 40 – 42 – 50 – 51 – 65 – 70 – 120

    153 – 200 – 390 – 400 – 430 – 490 – 666

    Source Text

    Number in Scripture:
    Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance
    by E. W. Bullinger
    (edited by BibleStudy.org)

    * Additional information on the meaning of the number 666 taken from
    The Holy Bible in Its Original Order, Second Edition, Chapter 2.

    • bballbetty

      Copy and Paste, eh?

      • Velouria

        Who gives a crap?

    • Allen Hyatt

      Good scolor ship they want get it.

  • Apparition

    Some people really get carried away with their superstitions.

    I had 666 on the license tag of my first car and also have 666 as the last three numbers on my passport.

    Maybe I should quit driving and visiting foreign countries.

  • Hayhay

    Wow, some people… 666 just numbers

  • Jeff

    I was born on 6/6/60. Although I don’t consider it my lucky number, I think it’s cool that I was 6 years old on 6/6/66. I don’t worship the devil and I believe in God and that Jesus died for my sins. Get over it, keep your job and play that number on the lottery every time you see it! It’s just a number.

    • Velouria

      What in Satan’s name is “N!63%”?

    • Pam

      My birthday is 6/6/60 as well. It’s an interesting date that has received a few comments. I feel blessed despite the numbers and consider myself lucky to be born on this day to a wonderful family.

  • Allen Hyatt

    He is practing his faith which he has a right to do. If the company had stamped it (the big N!63% in the coner)all you liberals would have been screaming to beat the band.

    • bballbetty

      Just curious, what faith is superstitious over the number 666? The Christian faith is not what he is practicing once you rightly divide the word.

  • http://www.Faithrevival.webs.com Pastor Rudy

    Funny how when someone says ” Muslim , Buddhist , Mormon , Scientologist ” anything goes and leave them alone , but Christian , and its idiotic , unlearned and moronic comments.
    666 is to a Christian like Pork is to Muslim idiots ! Its not even about IF I want to deal with it , a devout Christian WONT deal with it ! It is a little early prophetically in the 666 AntiChrist game , but kudos to my brother for his diligence and fervor for Christ ! Oh and is Christ real for sure !? My family and I for years have posted on our bedroom walls things we pray for and as Christ does them we cross them off ! YEARS WE HAVE DONE THIS ! WHO is doing these things for us ????!!!!

    • Velouria

      Yeah no one thinks Scientologists are normal.

    • Sandra Lou

      Amen to that!

  • http://webpronews/life Herschel

    I don`t blame him….when i shop and that number comes up, i give the clerk an extra nickel to change the number…..i was once given a license plate in Mississippi where i live with that number and i immediately handed it back to the young Lady and said i don`t want this number, she said you must be superstitious, i said dear do you not know what that number represents? she had no clue so i told her..we have to educate our young people on this stuff…God bless this Man he looks very humble and he looks like a Man of GOD…

  • Stormy

    And another extremely over-sensitive person in the world, perceiving way out of proportion. A show of hands of how many times our computer technology has gliched for something pertaining to us.

    Seriously…stop being a Drama-Person!


    There are so many HATEFUL people in this world. I am a child of GOD and if I received that number I would not like it either. People are so quick to judge. Its his decision what he chose to do. I would have done the same thing.

  • luminess

    Job opening in the Clarksville, TN area!! Come and get it!

  • Anne

    If the number is a way of tracking how many W2’s they have sent, are they saying it was just coincidental that his number was 666. If so, then they are playing games with him.

  • A smart person

    Anyone that believes in the fairy-tale that is religion is stupid just plain stupid you quit because of a number and you are afraid of something that was man made the devil god Jesus none of that shit is real you people are fucking retarded do yourselves a favor and stand out in the middle of traffic so you can stop wasting oxygen for people that actually matter.

  • Matthew 24

    I agree with him as a christian we are suppose to be on our guard. People think that the bible dont mean anything but look at what happen in the bible the same is happening today the devil deceiving all you people whole dont have the holy ghost and baptized. Yall all will one day bow down and know the true and living God every body if you hate god or have other gods you ALL WILL BOW DOWN AND ADMIT HE IS JESUS THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD

  • Jim Smith

    This was no coincidence. This was harassment pure and simple. The company should be sued.

  • The Truth

    Every item we purchase has a “666” in the bar code. The number 6 communicates with the computer telling it when the bar code scan begins, when to read the second set and when to stop reading the code for each particular item. If these people knew that they wouldn’t be buying ANY products because they ALL have the number 666 on them. The bible says not to take the mark into your hand or forehead. I am against the mark of the beast too. People need to just educate them selves better about it so they don’t have to quit their jobs. They have turned their Christian beliefs into superstition which is NOT Christianity. God says in the bible “My people perish for the lack of knowledge.” There are a lot of people out of work right now who would kill to have that job.

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