$65 Million To Marry Daughter, Plus Business Capital

    September 27, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A Hong Kong shipping magnate has offered quite a bounty for a potential husband for his daughter after rumors began flying that she eloped with her lover in Paris earlier this year.

Cecil Chao Sze-tsung told the BBC that his daughter, 33-year old Gigi Chao, is a “very good woman with both talent and looks”, and that he just wants to find a suitable partner for her. Offering up $65 mil may not be the best way to go about finding “suitable”, but there will no doubt be a large group of men willing to step up and claim it.

Chao insists that reports of his daughter having married girlfriend of seven years Sean Eav are false and that she just needs a good man. He also said that aside from the cash, he will help out the potential suitor in starting a successful business venture.

“It is an inducement to attract someone who has the talent but not the capital to start his own business,” Mr Chao said. “I don’t mind whether he is rich or poor. The important thing is that he is generous and kind-hearted.”

Despite his pleas for a traditional marriage, Chao says he would never force his daughter into something she didn’t want to go along with.

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  • McGrue

    I would love too

  • thomas

    I am the man for her! I have plans to open an accounting firm!

  • tom

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    • agif

      More like his whole fortune to marry the one on the left. The one on the right $65 million is quite the bonus. Thanks for the funds dad,haha.

  • audiorage22

    I would have to ask my wife first but I’m certain I’ll get the okay.

  • Mike S.

    How about this? If she has a personality and is nice, you can keep the money and I will marry her for free.

    • Tom

      Dude, do you think this guy is reading the comments section here. This is not a dating site and the guy is not going to find his daughter’s future husband in the comments section.

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  • Emily


    Amanda Crum always writes the most interesting/bizarre/hilarious stories.

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  • Florise Chow

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    • p.b

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  • Bones

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  • Manny

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    • Manny

      also – Money is only an illusion of happiness.

      • TrueLove

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  • dammy

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  • TrueLove

    Most of these comments are hilarious. For all you fellows that think the father will read your comments and find a husband for his daughter based on your comments, you guys are too funny. Let’s be realistic: the father is not going to hand over $65 million to just any loser that wants to marry his daughter. You can be sure the right candidate has to meet the father’s prerequisite.

  • Mi Mi

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    • Mi Mi

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  • JM

    All he has to do is get a male employee in his shipping company whom he knows is generous and kind-hearted. He can even ask a married man employee to leave his wife and marry the daughter like what Saddam Hussein did when he told a pilot to give his wife to him Saddam in exchange for promotion and the pilot could not refuse. I think it was in the movie Midway that a Japanese admiral asked a soldier to marry the admiral’s daughter and the soldier did not refuse.

  • JM

    This man is just trying to show to the world that he has money.

  • Djames

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  • tesla

    Alright, since there’s no real men around to step up. I’ll take this one for the team.

  • Noname

    Um, what does his daughter think about this? You can’t really force someone to marry the person YOU choose.

  • bruce trudeau

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    • Michael Lam

      This shows how much Love he has for his daughter! He’s willing to do anything to bring her back to her true identity & happiness! i admire his true Love!

    • p.b

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  • Austin Alexander

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  • Lee

    Early in the prenuptial agreement, it mentions the $65 million in bold face large type. On page 33, under article 52, “Severance,” in fine print, it mentions how, if the bride decides she doesn’t like you anymore, Jet Li comes and manually removes your heart while you watch.

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    • http://yahoo.com Tawayne

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  • Colin

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    Since we’re Chinese; should be safe to say we got a family record to show. Very long life. My grandparents 3 are alive in the 90s. They are great grandparents since my two oldest cousins are married with kids. My parents are still alive and married. yay! lol


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    All I ask in return is an advance of $10 million. I am a very proud person and I would like to be able to provide for her from the income from my business, which is yet to be decided.


    Dear Mr. Hong Kong shipping magnate. Just let your daughter be happy and let her live her life as she pleases. You don’t have to buy happiness for your daughter, she can find happiness on her own. Just be happy that your daughter is happy. Just give your money to charity. I hope you and your daughter find peace. K.C.

  • Oonagh

    I am perfectly willing to divorce my husband, and let her have mine. He’s awesome. I mean in this economy you gotta be open to new ideas when planning for your children’s future.

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