60 Minutes With Tiger Woods Previews Yahoo Deal

    March 26, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

At the end of 60 Minutes this evening Ed Bradley announced a preview of their new deal with Yahoo. Bradley concluded a long double segment which featured a profile of golf legend Tiger Woods by saying, “For a preview of our new relationship with Yahoo go to Yahoo.com and type Tiger Woods in the search box.

The relationship which was revealed last week is launching in the Fall.

>>> Click here to see the Tiger Woods – 60 Minutes page on Yahoo <<<

The page links to additional unseen footage of the Tiger Woods interview, FlickR photos of Tiger, and other Tiger news and information available within the Yahoo portal.

It’s an unprecedented experiment on the merging of prime time television with the Web. I think the key is playing to one of the strengths of the internet … unlimited space and time, by offering more footage of interviews. The site is sponsored by Buick.