55 Bodies Found Buried On Site Of Former School

    January 29, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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The remains of 55 children have been found on the grounds of the former Dozier School For Boys in Marianna, Florida, and the families of the victims are seeking answers.

Last year, researchers from the University of South Florida began an excavation on the site due to several stories in the area of suspicious deaths and disappearances which went unexplained over the years. What they found was horrifying: 31 grave sites, many unmarked, that opened up more questions about the school and what went on there. As the search continued, investigators said they expected to find more remains, but the number has climbed to 55 and there is still more ground to cover.

“Locating 55 burials is a significant finding, which opens up a whole new set of questions for our team,” said USF professor Erin Kimmerle. “All of the analyses needed to answer these important questions are yet to be done, but it is our intention to answer as many of these questions as possible.”

The school changed names a few times during its time–it opened in 1900 and was shut down in 2011–but the horror stories remained the same. Tales of boys being strung up as punishment, locked in irons, beaten, and raped. More than 500 men have come forward with their own stories from the school and its under-trained staff over the years.

Former student Roger Kiser, now 67 years old, wrote a book about his time there. “The White House Boys — An American Tragedy” tells the haunting tales of savagery that took place on campus; the title comes from a building on the site where much of the abuse–and, many say, rapes–took place, which the students called the White House. Kiser has been lobbying for the past 25 years for an investigation into the deaths of the children who were sent there.

Members of law enforcement in the area have been working closely with the university during the excavation and say they have contacted eleven families after examining DNA from some of the remains; they hope to bring some sort of closure to the rest of the families, but it will take time. The search continues in the wooded area surrounding the school.

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  • Reality

    I hate to tell America but there are MANY innocent people in prisons and MANY guilty killers walking around free. The entire legal system is corrupt to the core. This does not surprise me at all. I will give you an example of the corruption within the system. I worked with investigators on internet setup cases. You know the ones. Where the police set up guys to meet young women from the internet. What the public doesn't realize is that most of the conversations are not even used and are so selective. A lot of it is bait and switch. The girl will have a legal profile and then all of sudden say she is underage. So much corruption. I asked the investigators why they did these stings and it was simply because they make a heck of a lot of money and you don't really need evidence. The stings netted 10 guys who never had criminal records and never saw people. Meanwhile, in the very same town, three separate children where brutally molested in their own homes. The cops knew about these people before hand but it was just too much to investigate. They would rather set up men on the computer. Men who literally posed no threats to anyone and you literally see in the conversations that they were just going to meet the fake person to find out the truth.

    So yeah. This does not surprise me at all. Many innocent people are locked up and many, many, many guilty people are walking the streets of America because police don't do their jobs. This is why I went from being a prosecutor to being a defender. The prosecutors are corrupt to the core. Guilty people go free and innocent people go to prison. Courts are not like they are on TV.

    By the way, I also interviewed killers that got caught after years of killing. Everyone one of them knows about ten innocent people who went to prison for their crimes. If you want to see the people who are probably innocent when in prison, look at the people who for decades never committed a crime and then all of a sudden they are charged with one. Rarely do people just up and commit crimes after decades of being a law abiding citizen.