51-Pound Tumor Removed from New Jersey Woman’s Belly

    July 5, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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If the idea of having a 51-pound tumor removed from your gut sounds like something straight out of your worst nightmare, perhaps you should consider skimming over this particular story. Otherwise, you may find yourself gagging and/or running from the room while screaming obscenities at the top of your lungs. I’m fighting the urge to flee from this one, myself, especially considering this story has shown up right before lunch.

Although the idea of carrying around a 51-pound tumor in our bellies is enough to raise the level of squeamishness to astronomical heights, imagine how it felt for Evelyn Dupree, 65, who was forced to carry this sucker around while waiting for her Medicare coverage to kick in. The situation is beyond frightening, especially for those who currently live without any form of health care insurance.

Dupree, who usually weights around 120 pounds, watched the scales tip over the 170 mark by the time she was eligible for treatment. On June 4th, just days after she turned 65, Dupree finally sought medical attention for her tumor. The growth, which doctors said was crushing one of the main veins that carries blood to the heart, was so large and life-threatening that surgeons were forced to remove the tumor prior to the woman’s scheduled operation.

“She was a skinny lady with a huge belly. I mean it looked like she was literally pregnant with triplets. The size was something I’d never seen,” explained Dr. David Dupree. He also added that it required two surgeons using both hands to remove the growth from the woman’s body.

Despite the successful removal of the tumor, Dupree must still consult an oncologist to determine if all traces of cancer have been removed from her body.

  • Johnny DoNothing

    Wow the photo says it all “Fat white trash pig”

    • Jeepers

      I think the name Johnny DoNothing says it all folks!!

    • Stacy

      Johnny, shut up you worthless piece of trash. It was a medical condition. Your ignorance is inexcusable. So before you judge a poor woman with this condition, take your own stupidity into consideration!

  • Stephanie

    Johnny, you’re an idiot. What part of “120 pounds” couldn’t you read?

  • Christine

    I think the point of the article, Johnny, is that the insurance situation in this country sucks for many people. She couldn’t get surgery until Medicare kicked in. She’s not fat, white trash! You have a lot to learn!

  • Margaret J. Blacksmith

    I’m glad she used humor in it; that certainly lightened it up so it wasn’t as scarily serious. And she and her family must be so grateful that she was able to survive.

  • Anna

    Johnny, you’re a total idiot! That poor woman had a tumor! I think the only trash here is yourself.

  • Scott

    Johnny, sorry we can’t all be perfect like you.

  • Eugene

    “Johnny DoNothing” is simply a mentally ill TROLL.

    Nowhere in the article are the words as this “Johnny”
    construct stated.

    Trolls have only one purpose and that is to cause
    a response due to their moronic statements. Best to
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    I feel sorry for “Johnny” that all s/he can do is to
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  • Macktheknife

    a pre-existing condition…Hhhmmmm.If Mitt Romney had it his way, this woman would have to live with that tumor inside of her possibly for the rest of her life.

    • Jay

      Seriously, if Obama gets his way all the rest of us will pay even higher taxes then we do now to pay for the rest of the population who always has their hands out saying “Sir, may we have more please?”. I’m tired of carrying the load for everyone else because I decided to go to school, get a degree and make more of myself. I don’t mind helping those that need it but tired of seeing all the people on welfare who are driving around in their BMW and going on lavish vacations because they abuse the system. Time that welfare got an “overhaul”, I would like to keep my options open and keep health care privatized. Big Brother isn’t going to take all our freedoms away at one time, they are chipping away at it little by little…before we know it we’re going to be living in Cuba with a dictatorship.

      • MJR

        no, you will be living in America with a Plutocrat, if Romney gets in. You know where the 1% rule and if you think it will trickle down from the top you are sick.

        • Damien

          I forgot to mention, should you find someone abusing the system, I urge you to report them. If not, stop crying…boo hoo hoo, they took my 18 cents to pay for something to eat for a starving child/family.

      • Damien

        I would like you to mention 1 person on welfare that drives a BMW (That is less than 10 years old). You people need to wake up and realize that some people just need help, and if a few cents per week out of my check covers that, so be it.

    • jpg

      that is really stupid comment….we have the greatest healthcare in the world…the demorats want to ruin it..not the repubs

      • Damien

        So you are saying our healthcare system beats that of the Canadians…you are retarded.

    • http://facebook Juan Dietz

      PRE X will be in new healthcare legislation. That said if its from cronic alocoholism and bad habits there may be some issues

  • Judith Avery,RN

    These huge tumors occur more frequently than you might think.Fortunately most of them are benign(not cancer). It still amazes me that they go undiagnosed for a long time,years in some cases! I truly hope that this women’s condition is not beyond help!!

  • Dan

    Am I the only one here who thinks that thing looks remarkably like a pot roast?

    What? We’re all just meat, ya know… 😉

    Agree about the Romney references. I guess if he, or one of his ilk had such a condition, they could just install some expensive ELEVATORS to get rid of it.

  • http://www.sciencelives.com Suzanne

    Reading this makes me thankful I’m a Canadian!