50,000 lbs Of Beef Recalled Due To E. Coli Fears


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The National Beef Packing Co. has recalled around 50,000 pounds of ground beef over fears that it may be contaminated with the dread E. Coli bacteria.

The Kansas company's products are shipped all around the country, so the recall is both terrifying and widespread, although there have been no reported illnesses due to the possible contamination.

The company is calling the action "a voluntary recall for NatureSource Natural Beef, Naturewell Natural Beef and National Beef commodity ground beef." The packages in question are reported to have a use by/freeze date of August 7th and were produced on July 18th. The company is hoping that by releasing that information they can assist customers in avoiding ingesting the meat in question.

Perhaps the scariest part of this story is that the meat was sold to wholesalers and food service distributors, meaning that a consumer could ingest the possibly tainted product without their knowledge. It is unknown whether or not the meat was released at a general retail level.

National Beef Packing is no stranger to being forced to recall meat. The company was forced to recall around 22,000 pounds of product earlier this summer over similar concerns. With certain strains of E. Coli being potentially fatal, National Beef Packing should reconsider their protocols and packing methods. Not only could they lose valuable customers, if they haven't already, but they could potentially play a part in the death of someone who just wanted a burger.