500 Million Downloads For Firefox

And goodwill towards rice

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Mozilla reached a milestone recently as Firefox hit 500 million downloads. If that were people, that’d be about a twelfth of the earth, or about eight percent of everybody.

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More than likely though, there are at least a few users who’ve updated their versions a couple of times, so it doesn’t represent half-a-billion people. It does represent about 17 percent of the browser population, which means it takes more than "free" and "cooler than Microsoft" to break the we’ll-just-use-whatever’s-on-the-desktop mentality.

Still, half-a-billion is pretty day-um good, and brings Firefox more market share than Safari. To commemorate, Mozilla promoted a word-game to help raise 500 million grains of rice for the UN World Food Program.

Via FreeRice.com, visitors can select the right definition of a difficult word, and earn 20 grains of rice in the process. Don’t worry if you’re vocabulary’s deficient. If you really, really want to help and don’t mind cheating to do so, Google’s [define:] function works amazingly well, so make use of Firefox’s nifty tabbing function.

For example, did you know vermiculate means "with worm-like projections," "worm-eaten," or "infested with worms?" You do now, and that earned somebody somewhere 20 grains of rice (hopefully not minus 80% for administration fees like much of the aid that goes out there).

At any rate, we know how Mozilla feels about grain, especially since that crop-circle misunderstanding I got into with an intern a couple of years back. We’re assuming no rice is harmed in the transportation of aid to developing nations.  

500 Million Downloads For Firefox
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  • suresh

    Dear Editor,

    Reg. firefoxdownloads

    It is stated that 500 milliion downloads of firefox ………………and a link to article in related stories says 50 million mark……………………




    • Jason Lee Miller

      Please note that 500 million downloads as stated is correct. Follow the hyperlink above with anchor text “500 million downloads” and you will see the corresponding source of that number.

      The related stories link saying 50 million leads to an article written 2005.

      While you’re following links, check this site out, too:

  • http://www.penbroauctions.com s.Brock

    Here I sit waiting for Vista to install drivers for my HP all in one so I can print a map and directions to Long Island.. I’m leaving in 2 hours, wonder if it’ll be done installing, or will I still have the same no printer worky problemo.

    What does this have to do with 500 million copies of FireFox? It just goes to prove my point that once again, MS WINDOWS and anything designed by MS, gets worse and worse with each new generation.

    I just bought a new laptop with Vista and figured I would give it try. (before I install RH) Well, about 22 minutes after booting for the first time, and IE craashing at least 4 times… here comes FireFox to the rescue. So I am one of those 500 million DL’s and day-um proud of it!

    Now wheres my lighter……………


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