“50 Shades”: Model/Actor To Take Over The Lead?

By: Amanda Crum - October 17, 2013

“50 Shades Of Grey” has been on the minds, lips, and fingertips of seemingly everyone (and by “fingertips”, I mean people have been writing about it all over the web. Get your minds out of the gutter, sickos) lately, first because of the news that “Sons Of Anarchy” star Charlie Hunnam would be playing Christian Grey and then because of the news that he’d backed out. Now, a new name is being thrown into the pot of actors who could be taking the role, and fans are pretty pleased.

Model-turned-actor Jamie Dornan has starred on “The Fall”, “Once Upon A Time”, and those Calvin Klein ads that haunt your dreams. And if his time on “The Fall” tells us anything, it’s that the Belfast-born actor isn’t too shy to get a little dirty.

“I spent a day strangling myself on the back of a door while I masturbated to a driving license of one my victims,” he said of shooting the show. “And they cut it out! I couldn’t believe it—they didn’t even tell me. When I first watched the series, it just wasn’t there!”

While it’s always difficult finding an actor or actress to portray a role made famous in a book, Dornan certainly has those smoldering looks that the writers of bodice-ripper romance novels are always going on about. Of course, looks aren’t enough; the character of Christian Grey has some very specific quirks that need to be tended to, as well. At least one person thinks Leonardo DiCaprio should fill the role because of his intensity.

Due to Hunnam’s dropout, the studio is reportedly looking to fill the role posthaste, and will build the rest of the cast around Dakota Johnson, who will play Anastasia Steele.

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  • WickedRed

    Nope. Not him either.

    • http://YAHOO NICOLE


      • Michele G.

        I said that from day one, that Alexander would be the perfect Christian, hands down! I kept thinking of him while I was reading all 3 books, he just has the perfect look & that smoldering sensuality.

        • sb

          But he’s not good looking. That’s the only thing.

      • http://webpronews linda

        Yes, he could pull it off.

  • cgrayfan

    Wrong again. Listen to the fans please!

    • Nicole

      Just because the fans want Somerhalder or Bomen to do it, doesn’t mean they want to do it. Both men already stated they don’t want to do the movie.

      • sb

        That’s right – both men said they weren’t interested. You can’t make somebody take a part, no matter how many petitions are signed.

        • dajuki

          Money talks!!

    • Nicole

      Just because the fans want Somerhalder or Bomen to do it, doesn’t mean they want to do it. Both men already stated they don’t want to do the movie.

  • Pat

    I have read all three books and this part has to be filled by a very
    educated, sensitive, controlling man. Christian is a man that never has really loved a woman, he has only used them. He is also very frightening
    in the way he acts.This new guy could certainly pass the looks test but I
    do not know if he has enough acting experience to bring the whole package.

    • sb

      I agree. The man who plays CG must embody ALL that is him. It’s going to be a hell of a part to pull off. You’ll either skyrocket to fame like you’ve never known as an actor/actress or the movie will flop and you won’t be casted for ANYTHING except B movies.

      It’s a big gamble to roll the dice and they both have to be ready. It would not be good for either one of them not to have read the books.

  • Cheryl Robinson

    nope……….not him either, that’s what I was thinking………someone……dark hair………crinkly eyes………and sparkly……….hunky……but menacing…….

  • Toni

    I think Jensen Ackles would be the perfect Christian Grey.:)

  • dee

    Ian Somerhalder

  • liberty

    Thank goodness I’ll never have to watch this movie or read this book. I have a lovely husband and no need for mommy porn.

    • Angela

      You are honestly not missing a thing except really bad writing. I told my 21 year old daughter that I was going to read the first book she told me that she would loan me the book but that I would not like it. When I asked her why she told me that it was not written well. She was correct. I am saddened that this series did so well. There are much better writers of erotica (or any other subject) that can actually write intelligently and say more than “Oh my!”

  • Heather

    You need George Clooney maybe just a made to look a little younger or Brad Pitt again to look a little younger. Those two could pull off Christian Grey – the looks, the different sides to him, the money, the domineering yet sensitive part of him.

  • Julie

    I WANT CHARLIE BACK!!! That was such a tease for me, Charlie is Christian!! No one else will do as far as I see it. So not as pumped to see this movie anymore!

  • Brooke

    Ian Somerhalder will always be my Christian Grey no matter who is chosen. But I stumbled upon Chris Pine and think he could pull off the part well too!

  • Angela

    It could be a good movie if they change the dialogue.

  • susan0343@att.net

    He should be casted by actor Julian McMahon (Nip Tuck) Dr. Christian Troy. He has many sides to him and would fit the package perfectly. He is sexy, handsome, intelligent, sophisticated, devilish. I have read all of the books and this latest selection does not fit the character.

  • Barb

    Bruno Mars is the only younger man that I can see playing this part. Christian is suppose to be beautiful and flawless in looks so that say Bruno… :)

  • Jenn P.

    Leonardo DiCaprio!I think would be perfect

  • Rhonda

    I like Dornan a lot but he still isn’t Christian. Christian needs Dark hair, Matt Bomer and Ian definately have the look and personalities, I also think Henery Cavill could pull it off.

  • http://Yahoo Jean

    What a waste of time this movie will be—just like the books. Boring after the middle of book one.

    • Nan

      If you never got through the first book, you have no idea where the characters are coming from or going. This is a love story and although a lot of the background is tedious, without reading all three books, you have missed great characters and a great love story. Believe me…anyone who read part only did not know or understand what this story is even about.

      • Cathy King

        If it can’t keep your interest the writing is not that good – just saying …

  • Brittany

    There loss CHARLIE is the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!

    • http://webpronews linda

      TOTAL Agreement!!

  • Margie

    They should cast Travis Fimmel (see The Vikings – History Channel). He is gorgeous and a good actor. He would be great in the role!

  • Sheila

    I read the man who plays E.J on Days of Our lives was being considered and I think he is a very good choice.

  • Tina

    Henry Cavill

  • Jennifer B

    Charlie Hunnam will always be my Christian Grey! I always pictured him when I read the books. I highly doubt I’ll be watching the movies now. Without Charlie, I don’t see any reason to ruin my view of Christian Grey. :( Bring back Charlie!

  • cindy

    I don’t think hes a good match. I was thinking maybe Clint Eastwoods son. He is a good match

  • Sue

    Okay people….Nobody is ever going to fit into the role exactly like you had him “pictured” in your minds…I don’t care who they pick as long as he has red hair & grey eyes & takes most women’s breath away!! The most important thing is the chemistry between Christan & Anastasia!! Please don’t lose that or the movie loses EVERYTHING wonderful about the books!!!

    • Jen

      No red headed guy will ever take my breath away so I doubt I’ll see the movie. Unless they make it dark auburn, that may be doable. In my mind, Christian had dark hair and grey eyes. YUM!

    • sb

      I agree. When I was reading the books I saw somebody who’s neither a famous actor or model. It was my imagination purely. No one is going to be satisfied, I’m afraid, who whomever they pick.

  • Paul DeCroix

    I love him! He is so cool!

  • Jill

    Why not Benedict Cumberbatch? The role needs someone suave and slightly cold on the surface.

  • Kate

    Are there really that many women out there who haven’t already done of the shades of this book? cmon!!!

  • Orion

    What about Michael Fassbender? (300, Inglorious Basterds, X-Men: First Class) I just watched his work in “Shame” last night. He definately doesn’t have a problem with that type of work.

    • Cathy King

      this role might very well prove to be the wrong career move for an already established actor – or one who wants to be taken seriously as an actor in the future. After all, this is more soft-porn than a blockbuster destined to become a franchise for a wide audience.

  • http://webpronews linda

    Yuk!!! He just doesn’t fit the part. He’s not good looking enough or “bad boy” enough. He was my least favorite pic. Now that Charlie has dropped out I doubt I’ll even give the movie a chance. Also, Dakota Fanning does not fit the part of Anastasia either.

    • sb

      He’s not bad looking but he’s no CG. Neither is Dakota Johnson Ana.

      He was too short, first of all.

  • Jo

    I didn’t read any of the books but from what I can gather from talks, it has to be someone devastatinglhandsome and i vote Oliver Weston-Cohen. He’s a new find for me but he is one of the best looking actors nowadays.

  • Robyn

    What happened to Matt Bomen? He is gorgeous! Hands down the hottest actor around these days. If you’re doubting me, try watching 4 seasons of ‘White Collar’ in 3 days…LOL!

    • Cathy King

      maybe he does not consider this to be a good career move – and he might not be wrong …

  • http://Yahoo Hank the Cowdog

    This guy above does not even hit the sexy part from the word go…. I am so happy Charlie and Ian both said “no” to the film. Gonna be a waste of time…. porn all the way!

  • Kat

    I don’t think the movie needs to be made. Read the books and they are OK, but a movie? Not that good….

  • bimkill

    James Scott, who plays EJ DiMera on Days of Our Lives, is the ideal candidate. Charming, upper-crust type with a definate bad boy side. Love Matt Bomer but it’s a well know fact he’s gay. Not an issue with me but some may find him unbelievable in the role. Scott, on the other hand, is relatively unknown, except for soap fans. Someone who suggested him for this role on another site posted a music video that he is in. Smoldering hot.

  • bimkill

    James Scott, who plays EJ DiMera on Days of Our Lives, is the ideal candidate. Charming, upper-crust type with a definite bad boy side. Love Matt Bomer but it’s a well know fact he’s gay. Not an issue with me but some may find him unbelievable in the role. Scott, on the other hand, is relatively unknown, except for soap fans. Someone who suggested him for this role on another site posted a music video that he is in. Smoldering hot.

  • Justmchelle

    Anson Mount for Christian Grey!

  • deborah

    My choice would be Raul Bova. He’s handsome and a bit tortured looking at the same time – fine but sensitive,

  • Allene

    Nacho Figueras, model for Polo. He is smoldering hot and sexy

  • arianna

    Alex Pettyfer is pretty good looking, just a couple years younger than Christian’s age

  • RK

    The guy who plays C.Grey should be someone that we dont see every week on TV or in a popular movie! He should match his discription in the book! As well as the person who plays Ana! And for sure, for this part, neither one of them should be gay! (And NOT Leonardo C.!!)

  • ellen

    Matt Bomer would be absolutely perfect for the role of Christian Grey. He has the right amount of moody/charismatic/sexy/bad boy/good boy! Read the book and you can picture this person in the role, if you must put it on film.

  • Tammy

    I agree with one of the above post that this is a book that takes your imagination on a fantasy flight. I think that every person that read these has a different idea of what CG should look like. I love all three books, but thinking I will pass on the movie. No matter who they pick, it will not be the person you imagined when you were reading.

  • liz

    Casting this movie has got to be the worst job ever…

  • E Y

    Christian Grey is around 25 or something? Some of the actors suggested are too old. I thought Stephen Amell (Arrow) would be great but he turned it down way back in the beginning. Someone suggested Oliver Weston Cohen. Good choice…IF can do an American accent.

  • Kellie

    Travis Fimmel, Model/Actor would be my choice!