50 Cent Beatdown Recounted By Ja Rule On 'Ebro In The Morning'

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Ja Rule and 50 Cent have long been rivals. The two rappers, both from Queens, have a history of violent exchanges.

In his new book entitled Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Being a Man, Ja Rule detailed the first physical fight he had with 50 Cent.

“50 tried to swing on me, but I dipped, then I hit him with the baby Louisville Slugger.” Their first altercation happened in Atlanta where Ja Rule came armed with a baseball bat. “Bam! I dropped the bat. I pulled the shirt over his head. I started catching him left, right, uppercut,” he said.

Ja Rule also appeared on Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning” on Monday to discuss further what had happened during his fight with 50 Cent.

Apparently, the feud didn’t end with the uppercut. Ja Rule said that after the fight, he heard that 50 Cent was spreading news that he knocked Ja Rule out and took his chain, but that’s not the way it went, according to Ja Rule.

Ja Rule talks about altercation with 50 Cent on Hot 97's 'Ebro in the Morning' (explicit dialogue)

Aside from the incident in Atlanta, Ja Rule also recalls another incident with 50 Cent at the Hit Factory in New York where he hit 50 Cent with a crutch. “I hit him with the crutch. We proceeded to whip his ass. I was putting in my work. 50 was crunched in the corner. I slammed the big Tannoy speaker down on him,” Ja Rule said.

There was also a time when 50 Cent filed a restraining order against Ja Rule. “I had actual, factual documents of them having the restraining order against us. And people said, Ah, man, he doctored that,” Ja Rule said.

Last year, the two rappers ended up on the same flight. Fortunately, nothing happened.

Ja Rule is making a comeback and announced that he will be releasing a new album called Genius Loves Company.

Ja Rule Diss Song: The Crown (Explicit)

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