5 Twitter Tools to Help You Manage Unfollowers

Tools to help you take control of your Twitter account.

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Twitter has an insurmountable number of applications from the very useful to the rather comical . It’s hard to weed through and find the truly great applications/services.

To better help you in your Twittering efforts, I’ve put together a list of 5 great tools to help you monitor your followers and unfollowers… since we all know is about that ratio. Hopefully you find the list useful. If there are some I’ve neglected to add or if you know of other ones please leave a comment with a description and a link.

Are you using any of these apps to manage your unfollowers? Tell us.

Twellow Followers

Twellow, The Twitter Yellow Pages, has many features that range from extended profiles to Twellowhood (one of my personal favorite Twitter tools on the Internet).

Twellow Screen Shot

Mixed in with the plethora of features that Twellow offers is an unsung hero which is just simply called "Followers". With this you can easily see who is reciprocally following you. But, the best part of Followers is… you can follow or unfollow directly from Twellow. No clicking to go back to Twitter, you can get the job done without leaving the page.

UPDATE: Twellow has added a new feature that adds to the capabilities of "Followers" and "Friends", called "View Non-Mutuals". (Please note you must be logged in to use "View Non-Mutuals"… and you mush click on either Friends or Followers to see your desired information)

Twellow: View Non-Mutuals

View Non-Mutuals allows you to quickly see "Who your following, but not following you" and vice-versa "Whose falling you, but your not following". Just another simple, yet effective, update from Twellow.


Qwitter is a nice little service that emails you when someone stops following you on Twitter with a message, below is an example.

Qwitter Email example

That’s pretty much it… no extra frills.

Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow is pretty self-explanatory, you enter in your Twitter username and it gives you three tabs of information.

Friend or Follow tabs

Following (who your following, but not following you back), fans (who’s following you, but your not following them back) and friends (people who you follow and they follow you back.


TweetLater is an online service that has an abundance of features ranging from scheduling tweets to Ping.fm integration. They offer a free account as well as a payed professional account.

TweetLater Screen Shot

Buried deep within the features of TweetLater is the option to "Follow those who follow you" and "Unfollow those who unfollow you". This is completely automated and set by the user.


Twitterless is an online service that notifies you when any Twitterer stops following you, and gives you their username. But, they don’t stop there. They take it one step further and give you a graphed out "follower history" over a period of time to help you understand where your gaining or losing followers.

Twitterless Graph Example

They also offer follower filters that give you a more descriptive view of your followers. You can filter in real time and search using keywords to see if your followers are talking about anything that interest you.

5 Twitter Tools to Help You Manage Unfollowers
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  • Rodney

    I had no idea there was anything like this. I’m passing this info along.

    • Guest

      Also you can check out a free report of 201 Tools you can use with Twitter on the link below.


  • Guest

    I had this Tweeted to me. Really good information.

    Warning to unfollowers…. I’m going to GET YOOOOUUUU!!!

  • http://www.blogspot.com Elsie

    So you can automatically unfollow people if they unfollow you with some of these services? That doesn’t really seem right, does it?

    Twitter needs to step in and take control of all these side apps before it gets to far. In a few months will there be any reason to go to Twitter.com? since you’ll be able to do everything on 3rd party apps.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      I agree with you about the 3rd party apps completely taking Twitter over. How much is too much?

      Personally, while at home, the only thing I use is TweetDeck… I never go to Twitter.com anymore.

      Jeremy Muncy

      • http://www.blogspot.com Elsie

        Ohhh. I love TweetDeck.

      • http://www.melmenzies.co.uk MelMenzies

        I agree. I much prefer TweetDeck to Twitter. Everything’s there in front of you; you can see your replies, DM’s and all friends at one and the same time. Plus you get a shrink tweet, and shorten URL facilitity. Great! Mel

  • http://www.controldatainc.com Agencies collection

    Wow, finally some great information about twitter. I didnt know they had those option to unfollow people . Im going to go look for it now. Thanks!

    • Jeremy Muncy

      Glad you enjoyed the information.

      Most of the services are really easy to use… but personally my favorite is Twellow. It’s all browser based and you can follow/unfollow all in the same location.

      Jeremy Muncy

  • http://www.twitter.com Eric

    I’ve always wanted to know who was unfollowing me so I could return the favor :)

    • Clay

      Good idea, it’s only fair to return the favor.

  • Alicia

    I signed up with Qwitter a few months ago, and have received TWO emails from them – this is NOT indicative of the actual number of followers I’ve lost, haha. Plus, both emails included fairly long lists of unfollowers who all supposedly unfollowed after the same tweet, which I know to be inaccurate because I recognized several of them as having unfollowed a long time before that email – or that particular tweet.

    I don’t know why, but Qwitter just doesn’t work for me. It might work for others, but I can’t recommend it.

    Friend or Follow, however, is great :) Very simple and you don’t have to sign up for anything. It’s just quick and to the point.

    • Jeremy Muncy


      Thanks for the “Insider” info on Qwitter. That’s a shame that it doesn’t work as advertised… seemed like a good concept.

      Maybe their still working out the kinks.

      Jeremy Muncy

  • Raconteur007

    Is there an app that shows us who is checking out our profile but NOT one of our followers?

  • http://bluechips-affiliate.co.cc alfon

    very nice info thanks for sharing :)

  • http://ipod-home.blogspot.com iPod Home

    thanks..very useful info

    • Jeremy Muncy

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the information.

      Do you plan on giving any of these services a try?

      Jeremy Muncy

  • Guest

    It would be nice if you could direct message multiple people at once so when you wake up with 50 followers, you dont have to direct message each one seperately!

  • Another Troll

    Alex is a troll with smelly feet.

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Official Safety and Security

    I use Twitter mainly to socially market my safety and security web site and raise awarness for its products. Qwitter sounded like just what I was looking for until I read Alica’s review. Thanks, Alicia! Friend or Follow is OK but I’d really like to have some clue as to why they stopped following me. Thanks, Jeremy, for some great information.

  • http://www.softwarefordownload.org/ Software For Download

    I found Dossy.org Twitter Karma which gives us information on whom not following us and ability to remove them, but the problem is we must give our password, is this service safe? Because I am afraid, that I will get trouble, any feedback anyone?

    • http://rumblinglankan.com Nishadha

      Twitter Karma is a tool I’m using as well , I like the way it lets your sort according to different categories and you can easily visualize them as well. As for giving out password part , I haven’t had any trouble yet :)

  • http://twitter.com/bmaddigan3 B

    Hi Team,

    Please see: http://www.topfollowed.com

    & http://members.tweetjunction.com/ ๐Ÿ˜€

    • http://twitter.com/bmaddigan3 BLM


      Forgot… http://www.mrtweet.net/

      • Jeremy Muncy

        Thanks for the links to additional services…

        Jeremy Muncy

    • cooee

      Website blocked!
      G Data InternetSecurity 2010 has denied access to this website.
      This is a known phishing site.

  • http://www.daytonway.com/news.html itequates

    I have a news site, posted above. I would like a separate twitter application on EACH page, so that my readers, some of whom are news professionals and some of whom are legislators, can comment and debate freely with one another about the given topic/subject/news story, without needing to move over to twitter.

    Is anything like that possible?

    • http://www.groupbuy.ro devplayer

      Yes, it’s possible, We develop apps that interact with twitter like that.

  • http://websearchmaven.com search blogger

    I wonder why Twitter doesn’t provide this stuff on its own. Thanks for the info

    • http://virgintech.org VirginTech

      This is something for which i really hate twitter!
      They should provide these info like we are getting from the five tools mentioned above!

      • http://www.chrisgrayson.com Chris Grayson – Art Director/Digital Marketer

        That’s not their business model. They want to provide an API, and let others develop these tools, then require those companies to pay for access to the API and let them figure out how to monetize. That’s the direction their business model is going in. If they introduced features to run the third-party developers out of business, that wouldn’t do much to grow their third-party Twitter community, which appears to be how they plan to eventually become profitable.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      I think Twitter wants to preserve their “innocence”. They want to remain simple 140 character micro-blogging site.

      Twitter is evolving… but Twitter isn’t aiding in the process. 3rd party apps are evolving the site.

      Jeremy Muncy

  • Guest

    Signed up to Twellow, you said View Non-Mutuals allows you to quickly see “Who your following, but not following you” and vice-versa. Well actualy it’s only the vice-versa part, you can’t actually see who your following but are not following you.

    Unless I have gone barmy and can’t see where to click, this was a big reason for me signing up to Twellow.

    Sorry Jeremy, false information mate.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      The information wasn’t incorrect… you just didn’t follow directions.

      On Twellow click on the “Friends” tab then click on “View Non-Mutuals”

      This shows you what you want… don’t be so quick to call the information false. If you have trouble… just ask, that’s what we’re here for.

      Jeremy Muncy

      • Guest

        Hi Jeremy,

        Yeah that’s exactly what I did but there was no ability to see this.
        Then after your reply still nothing, 2 mins ago I tried again, bingo, could see all I was following who were’nt following me.

        I humbley apologise Jeremy you were right, should have waited longer before I commented, no idea why I could’nt see them before when I tried though?!

        Sorry again

        • Guest

          No humble apology to Jeremy needed. The other view doesn’t show up for me either.

          Apparently sometimes it is there and sometimes not?

          Looks like Twellow has some issues.

          My hunch. My bet, if you will, is that perhaps Twellow pulls that option down when they’re having heavy traffic. Otherwise they just have a bug.

          • Jeremy Muncy

            You must consider that Twellow works coincide with Twitter…

            …so when Twitter has issues, Twellow might see some intermittent hiccups here an there. (and we all know how often Twitter has issues)

            Twellow also never pulls any of it’s features…

            But, just to be safe… I’ll pass along your issues to our Twellow lead developer and see what he says.

            Hope this helped.

            Jeremy Muncy

  • http://getcareerhelp.com Karen Swim

    I use Twellow, Tweetlater, and Qwitter I love Twelow and Tweetlater but find Qwitter to be inconsistent. I have also used Twitter Karma but find the loading times to be long or the site frequently down.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      Glad to hear that you love Twellow.

      I’ll be sure to tell the Twellow dev. team… they love hearing this kind of news.

      Jeremy Muncy

  • http://reedz.findtalk.net ReedzSolution

    hey Jeremy, iam so glad that you have posted this tool… i was only using twitter lol.
    now iam having more tools for twitting.
    nice job, keep it up for more other tools.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      Glad you enjoyed the list of tools.

      I’m planning a whole series of articles all listing out “5 Twitter Tools”. Look for the next article on probably Friday of this week.

      Happy Reading.

      Jeremy Muncy

  • Guest


    You state that:
    View Non-Mutuals allows you to quickly see “Who your following, but not following you” and vice-versa “Whose falling you, but your not following”…

    Actually, no. Twellow let’s you view “Who’s falling you, but you’re not following”, but does not offer (at least anywhere that I can find) any link to see “Who you’re following, but not following you.”

    It only gives you half the equation.

    To see the other half, you need to use Friend-or-Follow.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      … you have to click on the “View Non-Mutuals” tab on EITHER “Friends” or “Followers”.

      Please review the part in the article above.

      Jeremy Muncy

  • http://www.realestatepuntacana.com Milos Korac

    Lets compare Twitter’s SEO with Google Search results:


    I am number two, and some times I am number one


    I am number one.

  • http://www.krisolin.com Kris Olin

    Great tools here! Especially Tweet Later and Friend or Follow. Thanks for the post, Jeremy! I will Tweet this on.


    • Jeremy Muncy

      Hello Kris,

      Glad you liked the information… and thanks for “Tweeting” it on.


  • http://roshanjoshi.com.np Roshan Joshi

    i think “friend or follow” is the easiest and most effective of the lot. no registration required either.

  • http://storecomp21.blogspot.com Guest

    this look nice i’m use twitter

  • http://www.level343.com/article_archive/ Gabriella

    I noticed some new tools on here… But, I did want to mention if you are new on Twitter you should not focus on how many followers you have or don’t have.

    Stop sweating the small stuff you will have people follow you and other drop you, I say focus on engaging giving quality tweets and every couple of weeks clean out your followers if they don’t engage.

    Amazing at how much time I wasted worrying about why someone stopped following me. Now I make sure I follow quality people and keep my tweets helpful. Thanks

  • http://centuryhouse.net/ seo

    With qwitter there is a really long waiting list and/or you will need to pay to use their service.

    Not worth the $$$$

    • Jeremy Muncy

      Just by reading through these comments it seems that most people are having issues with Qwitter.

      Jeremy Muncy

  • http://twitter.com/dapschmidt David

    Sounds like a great application to use. Right now I use friend or follow but will definitely take a look at twellow.

  • http://www.creativeimedia.co.uk Giles Meacock

    Thanks For Sharing Nice Information!!

  • http://www.EasyCasinoProfits.com Cornelia Cunningham

    I am new to twitter and I am slowly beginning to see the advantages of this networking site. Thanks for this tool information.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      No problem Cornelia,

      Look for the 2nd article in this series to post tomorrow morning.

      Tweet on.

      Jeremy Muncy

  • http://truthaboutdiets-review.com oliver

    Nice information..A helpful article indeed..

  • http://eagle2team.com/ Guest

    I thank you for the info. But twitterless & useqwiiter are not available.

  • http://www.FerreeMoney.com Ferree Money

    All 5 of these Twitter tools are in my tool kit. I would add 1 more tool. The Twitter Karma applet feed works wonders for follow and unfollow.

  • http://arichcopywriter.com Alex

    This was excellent information and a real eye opener. I have no idea how I would have found out there was such a feature as Twellow followers.

    It’s a great tool and I appreciate the research you’ve done to make this such a helpful article.

  • http://www.twitter.com/qutequte kelly

    How about one that automatically deletes all DMs after 30 days? Or deletes all tweets without a URL or picture link?

    • http://www.eurolive-show.fr/ eurolive

      Thank youuuu !
      this tools are very usefull ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • http://stock-market-club.blogspot.com Stock Market Club

    I use Tweet Later and it is great but does not work 100% of the time. So I can’t rely on it.

    Anybody know what the easiest way to know how to tell if someone quit following you is? The new format looks like you have to click on each person individually, am I missing something?

  • http://www.waferscale.com Adam

    Quitter is not what a twitter user wants

  • http://brazoscowgirl.com kathy@brazoscowgirl

    I am going to try Twitterless. I have tried twitter karma, but the loading was just too tedious. I want a short and simple way to keep my list clean.

  • http://geekblitz.com GeekBlitz

    thanks for this post.. =)

  • http://www.gpcleaningservices.co.uk London Cleaning Man

    All a bit desperate, don’t you think? If you’re getting loads of people unfollowing, then surely you need to realise you’re doing something obviously wrong.

  • http://snooples.com hiYa

    I’m so glad I stumble on this site. I check everywhere and I thought twitter doesn’t allow people to un-follow anymore. I’m so glad I can un-follow people now…

  • Guest
  • http://www.vcaresoftwaredevelopment.com Daniel

    tweetlater is not working now a days.

  • http://gambling-strategy-king.blogspot.com/ Gambeling Strategy King

    Thanks for these tools im a huge fan of twitter marketing, and these just help me out alot.

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