5 Reasons Why The iPad Fails To Impress

Only time will tell if Apple's iPad will be a success or an iFlop!

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On January 27th Steve Jobs unveiled Apples latest “it” product, the iPad. Essentially the iPad “fills the gap” in between smartphones and laptops. One question remains to be answered, is there a need for a device to bridge the gap in between the two technologies? We’re not sure yet, but there is one thing we know, the iPad has some issues… below are 5 of the most glaring.

Are you planning on purchasing an iPad? Let us know.

1.) The Name
Numerous names were being thrown around in the months/weeks leading up to the release (iTablet, iSlate, iPad) but which name was Apple going to choose? I had grown accustomed to referring to the device as the iTablet, I could even see calling it the iSlate… but iPad never seemed quite right. Why would Apple want to name their new product something that sounds so familiar to the iPod? Some people are objecting to the name referring to it as the “iTampon”.

Talk about foresight, this Mad TV iPad skit aired several years ago… and easily became 10x funnier. 

2.) No Multitasking
Are you serious… who thought this was a good idea? How can the iPad even compete with Netbooks if you can’t multitask? This means that if you’re writing a document you can’t listen to music, you can’t have TweetDeck open if you want to check your email, you can only do one thing at a time, which has always been a complaint with the iPhone.

3.) No Camera
Why is there no camera on the iPad, front or back? It’s got a microphone… but no camera. Look at the size of the case that surrounds the screen, there is ample space for a camera. The iPad should’ve at least come with a 3-megapixel camera built in. As it stands, this means no iChat/Skype chat for you. Good move Apple, good move.
iPad adapters
4.) Huge Ridiculous Adapters
Want to access your camera or plug in something USB… well there’s an adapter for that, actually 2 separate adapters both excessively huge.

5.) Same Touch Keyboard
The iPad needed to re-revolutionize the keypad for touchscreen devices, make it easier to use. So what did we get… just a larger version of what we already had. It’ll be incredibly hard to type on, unless you’re lying flat with your knees holding the device up, or you buy the iPad Case (essentially a book cover).

BONUS: No Flash (We just couldn’t stop at 5)
Most of us are probably accustomed to Apple devices not being Flash compatible, but if Apple is truly wanting to compete with other Netbooks they need to remedy this. With a larger screen comes more responsibilities, i.e. you can’t just leave gigantic holes in the middle of webpages if you claim it to be "the best web experience you’ve ever had".

The iPad is still in its infancy, so we’re sure that it’ll get better with time. Only time will tell if Apple’s iPad will be a success or an iFlop.

What are some other problems you see with the iPad? Leave us a comment.

5 Reasons Why The iPad Fails To Impress
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  • http://twitter.com/Swenlin Swenlin

    1. Tee hee! Vagina humor! Tee hee!

    2. It does feel like a device such as the iPad would benefit from Multi-Tasking, but let’s not be misleading here. Neither the iPhone nor the iPod Touch can multi-task, however, you can listen to music with the iPod application while reading/writing email, surfing, etc. I imagine the same would apply to the iPad.

    3. It would appear that Apple decided a low entry price point was a more important feature than a camera. Remember, this is a 1.0 device. Something like a camera can easily be added when they do the first refresh. Apple tends to add features and storage, while keeping their latest revision at the same price point as the previous generation.

    Also, the iPad only costs $10 more than the Kindle DX. Think about that. The Kindle is a dedicated device with a legacy grayscale screen. No one’s complaining that the Kindle doesn’t have a camera. Plus, for a ten dollar upgrade to the iPad, you get a full color, multi-touch screen, email, the internet, maps, your photos and literally thousands of applications.

    4. You’re right. An adapter the size of a quarter is “ridiculously… excessively huge”. This is why the iPad will fail.

    5. The touch keyboard is provides unsurpassed elegance and versatility. Making it larger _will_ make the touch keyboard easier to use. And if you still want a tactile keyboard, you can use your wireless Bluetooth keyboard or plug the device directly into a keyboard dock.

    6. Are we also worried that the Kindle DX will fail because it doesn’t support Flash? Flash isn’t forever. Flash will fall off the wayside as HTML5 is adopted. Flash is very buggy and is, more often than not, responsible for your browser crashing. Keeping Flash off the device ensures the user will have a more stable experience.

    You are right, the market will ultimately determine the success or failure of this device but, at best, these quibbles echo the silly histrionics of 1998’s: “Who would ever want to buy a computer without a floppy?!”

  • http://www.lyricshare.co.uk LyricShare

    5 flaws? you guys just dont get it. They said the iPod wouldnt sell, they said the iPhone would not work, now the iPad. Apple have done it again!

    First of all this is true innovation, a new category of device. To my mind the iPad is a DIGITAL MEDIA DEVICE for 1) movies 2) Music. 3) Games 4) Newpapers 5) Books 6) Magazines, I could do on…There is nothing out there to compare with it… apart from smartphones and iPod. With a bigger screen you can do so much more, and get a better user experience…thats what its all about. You can’t really do all this on a PC, but with the touchscreen the internet comes to life, and we are willing to pay for it..just look at all the apps people are buying.

    The so called flaws to my mind are designed to generate revenue for Apple. You can’t get anything in to or out of the device without going through iTunes/ iBookstore/ Appstore. More money for apple. GENIUS.

  • Guest

    This product is the biggest white elephant since Apple TV ! I mean any Netbook is great but the iPad is totally impractical. You want to watch something on a Netbook? you angle the screen and sit back and watch – the iPad you have to hold or prop up or probably have to buy a cradle for. The iPad has no real keyboard. Seriously ! Texting on an iPhone is a chore – imagine typing a letter on a large touch screen? Argh ! NO FLASH SUPPORT ? Totally unacceptable, any worthwile website has Flash, even the most basic Netbook has Flash. Netbooks can make webcam calls, the iPad cannot. Even if the iPad could, you would be having a conversation up someone’s nose as the iPad would, no doubt, be laying flat on a lap – YUK ! Seriously Apple, nice gamble but total fail I’m afraid. The Apple fanatics will buy it and the odd idiot who doesn’t understand what they could be getting with any number of better products. Must be nice to be an Apple afficionado with those big blinkers on though…

  • Guest

    Got my iPad and jail broke it in 30 seconds. Now I can multi task no problem :)

  • http://www.emailmarketingadviser.com/index.php?i=wpn Guest

    I think it is neat for kids and college students but what about us people who want to work-on-the-go? I wasn’t expecting it to be built for business but at least have USB ports and be able to multi-task. Take right now, I have Photoshop, iTunes, Filezilla, and Excel open.


  • Guest

    the ipad is awesome and if you need a camera so bad go and buy a freakin webcam or something. I Nmean seriously and just cuz u cant listen to i tunes and write a report or something USE THE RADIO or idk an IPOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest


    “the last time there was this much excitement over some tablets the commandments where written on them”

    Yes I own an iPad that i use everyday

    Many of you, whether in favor or against, havent really experienced all the ipad can be. Don’t forget that the iPad can be jailbroken! First to all the haters who believe that jailbreaking a device will somehow screw it up or give it a virus… You are stupid and assume too much. Do the research… Jailbreaking is as safe as ever and sure it does void the warranty but if you restore your device apple cannot tell that it was at one time jailbroken therefore warranty is still valid. My 1st generation iPod touch (ya my fjrst generation touch still works) has been jailbroken for years and my ipad has been jailbroken since the day i bought it. Ok now that we’ve cleared that up let us hear about the wonderful qualities of jailbreaking. As for running multi apps and having folders for apps, for apple these features pre-date the iPad and I was able to have both functions the day I bought it which was the end of may. Including many other small features (like a dock that drops from the top of screen when I hold the sleep button for a bit that allows me to change brightness or switch from wifi to 3G ect… and a selection of my favorite 4 apps without having to leave the app I’m running) the thing that I hear the most is no flash on the iPad! This is a myth! I’ve had adobe flash on my iPad for almost a month now. Now it’s not perfect as some things still won’t work but hey, 80% of flash is better than none!
    I’ve heard people complaining about how limited the ipads connections are (USB ect.) well I have iTunes on my iPad, as in I no longer need to hook my iPad up to a computer in order to transfer files, thanks to being jailbroken. I connect to my home computer or any computer with ease and transfer files back and forth. Pffft who needs USB if everything is wireless?
    I can’t remember who it was but some smartphone is able to send out a wifi signal to other nearby devices… Yes lol you guessed it! Been doing it on my 3G iPad for quite some time now. Another myth about ipads is that AT&T got sole coverage. Any sim card from an iphone can be cut (yes cut lol with scissors) down to a smaller size to fit in the iPad which is already set up to work as a cell phone.
    Another myth is that jailbreaking is illegal. No it’s not lol you cannot get in any legal trouble for jailbreaking your device. Now what I’m about to tell you on the other hand is probably quite illegal, I would estimate I have about $2000-$2500 worth of apps that I got for free. How you ask? Once jailbroken you can download a program called installous which let’s you download apps from the app store for free 😮

    That’s enough about jailbreaking. Let’s look at some of the games I have on my iPad: madden NFL ’11, splinter cell, EA skate, need for speed, grand theft auto: chinatown, avitar, call of duty WaW nazi zombies, iron man 2, prince of Persia, FIFA soccer’11, resident evil 4 just to name a few. And these aren’t cheap iPhone games either…. All these are iPad apps! Some games even have online multiplayer and for me anyways… Since I got my iPad all my ps3 has done is collect dust. As for music… Wow lol I have a few friends that are dj’s and their is literally nothing they can do that I can’t…the only difference, my iPad cost $800 and thier DJing equipment cost well over $5000. I could go on and on about the many music apps I have but just trust me….there is no competition.

    As for the weight, when I first held it I was amazed at how light it actually was! Compared to a laptop (which at the time was the only thing comparable) it is very light. Now the new tablets may be lighter but at what expense to durability? I’m ruff with my iPad and I don’t mean like how some people are ruff with their laptops, I mean how kids are ruff with… Well everything lol. If I drop my iPad (which I do fairly often) I’m not worried it’s gunna break or get cracked. That’s the amazing thing about apple… They build things for real life situations. Another tablet may be $200 cheaper but if it breaks when I sit on it or my kid decides to throw it down the stairs I’m screwed! Obviously Not everyone has kids that throw their devices down the stairs lol it’s just an example of the strength and durability. It’s back shell is metal unlike the competition… Plastic, really???? Now who knows maybe it’s super durable plastic I dunno i haven’t tried any other tablets yet so I’m not gunna hate.

    As for the glare… For $60 you can buy the invsa-sheild (not sure on spelling) which eliminates all glare and protects the screen from ANY scratches.

    As for performance… I have over 5500 songs and 20G’s of video on top of my 192 apps (someofwhich are 500-800Mb each) and my iPad still runs 100% smoothly and everytime I click something it is instantaneous. Most people do not understand frictionless operating largely because it’s never been available on this level. I hope all these new tablets are everything they say they are, i hope they are as user friendly as ipads, I hope they get apps that are comparable to ipads because frankly iDoubt that any of these new products will be half of what the first generation iPad is now… Let alone the new one coming out very soon.

    Lol I still find that funny ‘more RAM’ hahahahaha. Have you ever used an iPad? Or even an apple product? They don’t need insane amounts of ram to run perfectly, in fact I think they should lower their ram just so they aren’t embarrassing the competition. Haha kidding of course… Apple is right where it wants to be. Right now apple is a monopoly in the tablet game, when (or if) another company comes out with a device that threatens the ipad then apple can just lower the price! You think for some reason that apple will stand by and let these other companies beat them at there own game? Even if you hate apple you must respect what they are doing. The iPhone/touch/pad is by far (my opinion obviously) the coolest leap forward in technology for our generation. Computers and cell phones were good ideas but were never perfect… They were always flawed in big ways… Never have more people flocked to a single model of phone than the iPhone. FACT: more iPhones were sold in the world in 2009 than any other companies ENTIRE line up…. Which means…. iPhones outsold EVERY samsung phone world wide combined…. Every Nokia phone world wide combined…. You can hate it or love it but numbers don’t lie…

    Maybe I’m biased to ipads cuz I own one… Almost everything that I’ve written has been fact not opinion about the iPad I own and use everyday… Please, someone, from experience using the device they are defending and claiming will ‘kill the ipad’, top that with another a tablet. I think we’ve reached a point in time where if you must wait for things to load, during a full days operating, for more than a combined time of 1 minute , it’s garbage and miles behind apple. If you ever waited for a webpage to download or have seen that stupid hour glass or things similar too it…. Your living in the past waiting is soooo 20th century lol. iPad to my knowledge is the only truly frictionless multi-touchscreen 3G with built in speakers and a 10 hour battery on the market… I don’t think apple set the bar with iPad either, the second best tablet will set the bar where as apple will sit on it’s throne (as usual) not paying attention to what garbage the ‘competition’ releases. I could give my grandmother, who thinks voicemail is rocket science, an iPad and she could figure it out. Take other devices, with their 200 page instruction booklets and completely useless interface and compare it to an apple device… My iPad came with a one page card that points out the volume, home, and sleep button… That’s the apple instruction booklet, and tell you the truth I think it’s more than anyone needs :)

    I dare anyone to find something their laptop/smartphone/tablet can do that my iPad is incapable of doing. Obviously aside from its lack of camera ability, although if its really important you take pictures with your ipad then you can buy a cord that connects to your iphone and projects the camera to your ipad, i havent tried any of the ipad photo editting apps (yes lol many do exsist already) but just from looking at them and reading reviews it isnt hard to believe that the ipad photo software will rival the software professionals use. So far every thread I’ve read (and I’ve read a few) lists all the things the iPad “can’t” do and so far ive done them all with ease. Remember, all jailbreaking an iPad does is over ride all those many many many restrictions apple put on thier devices. It let’s you be free to do whatever you want to do. I would take a bullet for my iPad and have never had this kind of love towards an electronic device, But if another company releases a tablet far superior to the ipad then I will no doubt buy it. I’m not biased to apple… I just know a good thing when I see it. And I hope you all enjoy your ‘tablets’ as much as I will my iPad. The only thing I’m worried about when it comes to my iPad is that I’ll die of old age before being able to FULLY experience everything the iPad has to offer.

    Sent from my iPad :)

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    Mr. Jeremy Muncy,
    What´s your opinion today (2012)? iPad is an iFlop? Really?

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