5 Dead In Kentucky Blaze, Including Four Children

By: Amanda Crum - January 9, 2013

In a tragic story out of rural Kentucky today, five family members perished in a deadly blaze when their home caught fire overnight.

5-year-old Dakota Lee, 4-year-old Tyler Lane, 2-year-old Cheyenne and 6-month old Emily all died, along with their father, Billy Wilfong. Their mother tried desperately to gain access to the house, but by the time she arrived it was simply too hot to even get close. Gemma Blair, a neighbor and the children’s great-aunt, said she tried to help as well.

“There was nothing I could do, I got second-degree burns just getting close to it,” she said.

The childrens’ mother, Tammie Tucker, was rushed to University of Kentucky Medical Center with severe burns. Investigators say they haven’t even been able to start the recovery process yet because the entire area is just too hot. It may be weeks before a cause is discovered, but in rural areas it’s not uncommon for fires to be started by kerosene heaters or other alternative heating methods in the wintertime.

No matter what the cause, a Pike County family is in mourning today, and a community mourns along with them. For most, this is the first fire to take almost an entire family in their lifetime.

“It’s probably been the worst we’ve had in this area in a long, long time,” Trooper Tony Watts said.

Amanda Crum

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  • Bradley

    Being from Kentucky, and seeing as how around this time last year, one of my best friend’s little sisters died in a house fire. This hits incredibly close to home and I’ve got cold chills just reading this. I always hope that nothing ever happens like this. Peace and prayers to the family in this time.

  • Sara

    thats just tragic.. my prayers go out to the members of this family.. i hope those angels find peace with their dad. i hope the mother will be alright..

  • Matt

    Typical liberal response….We need to ban all fire. Fuking morons.

    • jb

      does that really have anything to do with what happened here? children died, at least have the common courtosy to watch your mouth.

    • Ken

      Only an idiot would write this during such a tragedy. I am not a libeial either!

    • pamela bray

      what is wrong with you?

    • DREAM15X

      Matt, there is something wrong with you

    • Evilla M. Patel

      you idiot, do you really think that someone would use that moniker and post such a heartless response? Want to buy the Golden Gate?

  • Tonja Green

    Prayers for the Mom & family left behind. I can’t begin to imagine her pain. May God be with her.

  • Jen

    Don’t you think, yahoo, that it was in extremely poor taste to post a picture of ‘flames’ with this article…that’s no better than if a picture of blood was shown with an article about a murder. Now, may the mother of these poor babies and those who knew and loved them find their strength in God. Their pain must be unbearable and our hearts are broken for them as well. May God be with you, especially the mother…:(

  • Liberal H8R

    Dumb@ss rednecks, the father was probably too drunk to wake up and get the kids out. Oh well 5 less poeple on Welfare

    • http://yahoo michael

      you aren’t so smart,,, are you, shows your the dumb@ss

    • Brenda

      to:Liberal H8R, It totally amazes me how heartless and cruel an ASShole you actually are..theres several dozen other names to describe you but AH fits the bill just as well. i really hope you or any of your family never,NEVER has to suffer this horribley,but yet that may not even phase you…you really must live a lonely life,as expected most liberals are somewhat cold cold and pathetic beings…. may God forgive you!

    • Gladidontnoyou

      What an azz hole!!!!!! You Suck!!!!!

    • http://5familykilledinfire d. fortney

      to liberal h8r;

      keep your stupid jack*** response to your damn self, you don’t know anything about this family or what they go through
      every day of their lives. i’m from OHIO/WVA.and living in the some part of the states like KENTUCKY, OHIO AND WVA. most parents have to work 3-4 jobs just to try to make ends meet and to take care of their families and it’s even worse during the winter.and finding anykind of work is really hard up there. i should know cause i lived it for 14 years and my mother took care of her 6 brothers and sisters while her parents worked 3 jobs each in order to keep a roof and clothes on their backs. and if you didn’t have the money for something you did without it. and i found out today that when my mother was growing up, her and her brothers and sisters had to walk 10 miles to and from school every single day during rain, storms, heat and heavy snow cause they didnot have any school bus service lie we do now
      for the kids.

    • DREAM15X

      Liberal: You should be truly ashamed of yourself and look up the word ‘compassionate’ in the dictionary.

    • Evilla M. Patel

      get out troll….how much did Rove pay to have you post that name.

    • Georgetown

      Rednecks are Anglo-Saxons and fine citizens and you sound like another gay communist Uncle Tom Obama supporter troll who hates America and everyone else who doesn’t agree with your ridiculous politics and psychotic point of view. Please don’t troll the normal people who comment on the internet. It’s terrible that fires like this happen everyday across America and the world. Fire safety is so important to everyone. May the mother and family have peace and rebuild from this.

    • http://gmail david


      ment them kids an thir father was my family grow up you are rude and do not need to disrespect them kids snd thir father like that.

  • Tony S. Clifton

    Fire killed people? Let’s have Joe Biden form a council to ban fire!

    • DREAM15X


    • Evilla M. Patel

      So christian of you to politicize this.

  • http://yahoo michael

    it is so sad that four children lost there lives an any grown up can make nasty remarks about them being on welfare or whatever else, people like that are so so clue, , an remember what goes around comes around,,,

  • Brenda

    may God give this Mom and all survivors peace and comfort as only He can..Please take away the flames pic….GOD BE WITH THEM ALL…

  • http://Yahoo Jaygee

    Did anyone in this fire share the same last name? Mother, father and children in one house and every name a different one.

    • Sandra Johnson

      That was more than likely their middle names, even if it wasn’t that’s what came to mind as you read about babies burning alive??? May God help you !!

      • Sandra

        Just to ‘update’ your callous statement, I have learned that all of the children shared the same last name, the name of their FATHER who burned alive with his children. Their Mother is in the burn unit unaware that she’s lost her whole family. They do not want to impede her progress at this time by telling her that her entire family burned to death. God please be with her and this family. Now, does that make you feel better about your horrendous comment??

    • Sandra Johnson

      That was more than likely their middle names, even if it wasn’t that’s what came to mind as you read about babies burning alive??? May God help you !!

  • Sandra Johnson

    Oh my lord, what has this country come to?? I have read the most heartless post here that I think I have ever read. Babies burning alive to their death and their Mother in ICU and these are the comments that come to some people’s minds !!! SHAME ON YOU and may God look over your callousness until you LEARN better.

  • Sandra Johnson

    Firstly…May God be with this family and comfort them. I pray this wife and Mother that has lost everything her heart holds dear, has a good recovery, with wonderful people around her. Burns are excruciatingly painful, along with losing her babies and her husband, I can’t even imagine her pain. I will pray for her daily, and hope each and everyone reading this story does the same. This can happen anywhere, and sadly does in the winter months. May God be with this Mother, and her family, and her husbands family.

  • terry collard

    this could have happen to anyone rich or poor we need to pray for this family and give support from the community and churches.what a shame how some people are heartless…pray america

    • Sandra

      I completely agree Terry, well said. EVERYONE needs to help any way they can, and pray. This family are going to have to bury five members of their family. I would hope a church and/or bank will set up a donation account for these people, so we can at least help them that way. God be with them through these horrible next days.

  • keith

    My prayers goes out to this family!! i would gladly donate, my heart cries for them..