5 Celebrities You’ve Probably Gotten Mixed Up

    June 29, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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They say everyone has a twin somewhere in the world, and the phenomenon can be found with celebrities as well as us normal people. There are certain stars I’ve always gotten mixed up, and I figured if I did, there must be other confused people out there, too. So for your peace of mind, here are several stars who look like they could be related, as well as what they’re best known for.

Bill Pullman/Jeff Daniels

Bill Pullman is known for “Independence Day” and “While You Were Sleeping”.


Jeff Daniels is well known as Harry in “Dumb And Dumber”.


Chad Smith/Will Ferrell

Chad Smith is the drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


Will Ferrell was a longtime SNL actor and is in just about every funny movie put out since about 2003.


Tom Jane/Aaron Eckhart

Tom Jane is known for “The Mist” and “Face Off”.


Aaron Eckhart is known for “The Dark Knight” and “Erin Brockovich”. I’m still not entirely convinced these two aren’t the same person.


Elias Koteas/Christopher Meloni

Elias Koteas is known most recently for the vampire flick “Let Me In”, but he was most notably (in my book, anyway) Casey Jones in the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movies.


Christopher Meloni is best known for “Law and Order: SVU” and “OZ”.


Zoe Saldana/Jada Pinkett-Smith

Zoe Saldana is best known for “Avatar” and “Columbiana”.


Jada Pinkett-Smith is married to actor Will Smith and is best known for “Hawthorne” and “Menace II Society”.


  • Average Citizen

    I have gotten none of these people mixed up with each other. The author is an idiot.

  • Prestina

    No, No, No! If this author has to identify someone in a lineup, I feel sorry for the person she picks by mistake.

  • Noah

    That last one was pretty racist. You think they look the same just because they’re black?!

    • Cory

      Get a life a-hole! That’s like saying the first 4 were only named because white people ALL look alike. The biggest racist is the person who always cried racism!

    • Tommy Kasalo

      Zoe is a Latina….stop w the race-card already!!! Really?????? And I have gotten meloni and koteas confused before sev times! NOAH, u are prob a libertard aren’t u? Dumbass

  • Rolynn

    Jesus, why in the world would anyone call this person racist? He had one black woman-scenerio out of 4 white male-scenerios. I, too get Jeff Daniels and Pullman mixed up. When I looked at the cover pic on Yahoo, I did think Zoe was Jada. God, get a grip.

  • Terry

    Noah, your a stupid fucken loser.

  • John B

    While I’ve never gotten Jada and Zoe mixed up, I confess I desire both of them LOL