49ers Tickets Most Expensive In The NFL


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If you were hoping to see the San Francisco 49ers go up against the Chicago Bears, now might be a good time to buy tickets.

According to the ticketing website known as Tickpick, prices for that game are at an all time low. When tickets went on sale on April 28th, tickets were $613; now they are less than $400. In fact, CBS reported that the price of $330.92 in secondary markets is 12% below the season average of $377.25.

Even with the price drop, the tickets are still the most expensive in the NFL for any game during week two, according to Forbes. Mashable reported San Francisco fans play roughly $543.15 on average to see their team win.

Still, fans are ready to pay the price.

"There's probably not a price I wouldn't have paid once my wife gave me the OK to go to the home opener at Levi's Stadium," fan Neil Wilson told the Santa Cruz Sentinel, "For me as a fan it's one of those can't-miss events."

The Team Marketing Report has recently declared that the 49ers have the highest Fan Cost Index of any team in the NFL at $641.50. How does one measure a Fan Cost Index? The Washington Post publishes the answer:

The Fan Cost Index™ comprises the prices of four (4) average-price tickets, two (2) cheapest-priced draft beers, four (4) cheapest soft drinks, four (4) cheapest hot dogs, parking for one (1) car, two (2) game programs and two (2) least-expensive, adult-size adjustable caps. Costs were determined by telephone calls with representatives of the teams, venues and concessionaires. Identical questions were asked in all interviews.

Costs may be rising due to the high tech features of the 49ers' recently constructed Levi's Stadium, which includes a WiFi system 10,000 times the speed of regular broadband, according to Adweek.