48 Bombs Found After Man Is Pulled Over In Ohio

    January 8, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Ohio police say they are investigating a man who was pulled over on New Year’s Day after a cache of weapons–including 48 bombs–was found in his car.

43-year old Andrew Scott Boguslawski–a National Guardsman–was arrested after being pulled over for speeding when the officer noticed the handle of a handgun hidden between his legs. A subsequent search of the car uncovered two pistols, two rifles, 48 explosive devices and tools and materials to make additional explosives. Some of the explosives were reportedly connected to a remote, which was also found in the car.

Boguslawski was reportedly heading to Indiana, where he works at a training facility for Navy Seals, and had schematics for the building with him. He allegedly told an officer that he had plans to make a vest with the explosives.

“I think there is a significant risk to the public,” said Assistant Madison County Prosecutor Nick Adkins. “Until we can sort through the facts of this case and what we have here and what his intent was, it is necessary to keep the public safe.”

As of now, he is being held on a million dollar bond with a charge of one count of illegal manufacture or processing explosives, a felony of the second degree, but officials say they are looking into whether the case is under state or federal jurisdiction, which could change things. A GPS system and laptop are currently being analyzed for more information.

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  • Amazing!!!

    Isn’t it amazing how every person we catch in these types of situations has something to do with the military or special OPS withing the military? Everyone from McVeigh to the Capitol Shooter to this guy. All have some odd connection to the government. It is never your local guy who works at McDonalds and was never in the military.

    I guess that is what bugs me. When I read these things anymore, I no longer think, oh that horrible terrorist. I wonder if it is a false flag operation or some sort of cover up. I saw the Sandy Hook video. It is 50 minutes of a blue screen. For all I know, Santa Claus could have been in that school. I didn’t see a plane hit the Pentagon and that building has more CCTVs than any other building in the world. At the towers, I saw firefighters tell me bombs went off. Why would a firefighter lie about that? They wouldn’t. What is worse yet about the towers is that the networks got caught editing footage of that day. The videos of this are everywhere.

    Simply put, I do not trust anything having to do with terrorism anymore.