$450 Pizza Sold in Canadian Eatery: Twitter Reacts

By: WebProNews Staff - June 15, 2012

A $450 pizza topped with such extravagant ingredients as lobster and black Alaska cod was recently sold at an upscale restaurant in Vancouver. The Steveston Pizza Company, an eatery known for its pricy cuisine, has sold a few $120 pies in the past, though only one person was adventurous (crazy?) enough to drop such a large amount of cash on gourmet pizza.

Even the restaurant’s owner, Nader Hatami, was a little shocked that someone would splurge on his more expensive offerings. “I never thought I’d sell so many,” he explained to the Province. “The idea was to make a culinary statement. I don’t know if you’ve tried our pizza but each one is pretty unique.”

If you currently don’t have $450 in your pocket to spend on a pizza, then you could always opt for the $120 version, which comes with roasted garlic, Icelandic scampi, smoked steelhead, and lobster ratatouille. If that is still out of your price range, you can snag a simple pepperoni pie for roughly $14. As someone whose palate has experienced what many would call “arrested development”, the cheaper option is definitely more my speed.

For selling a $450 pizza, the Steveston Pizza Company has found its way into the Guinness Book of World Records. Previous to Hatami’s creation, the honor of most expensive pie belonged to Gordon Ramsey’s Maze restaurant, which goes for $178.

Pizza-scarfing Twitter users have weighed in on the issue. You can find a sampling of their culinary opinions embedded below.

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  • http://webpronews/life Bob Iverson

    Hope it comes with some Columbian weed and some good wine.

  • MS

    With this kind of economy, I am having a slice of Domino’s pizza tonight for a whopping $4.50

  • pennrandall

    The love of gourmet pizza has no price limit. Love it! Looking at that photo, I need pizza for lunch today! I seriously wonder what they use for crust to hold all that stuff? Looks great whatever it is. Yeah, I’d pay $450 for a pizza like that once for the experience, although I like the comment about for a price like that it should come with some fine wine and weed!

  • http://www.beersocials.org Tom

    This is why the terrorists hate us.

    • Todd

      Who cares what terrorists think. I will NEVER change a thing to please the likes of a terrorists. Let them kill each other over who’s religion is better while I enjoy my $450 pizza.

  • http://yahoo leah

    and in the meantime,there are hungry children in our own backyards…makes me sick.

    • Bob Jones

      There aren’t any children in my backyard. If you have hungry children in your backyard, you’re a terrible mother. Or maybe you’re that poor, and that’s why you’re sick. But you’re one the Internet. So stop buying Internet and feed those hungry kids!