4 Fatally Shot At Apartment, Boy Found Unharmed

    January 8, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Police were called to a grisly scene on Monday in Tulsa, Oklahoma after four women were fatally shot in an apartment building. A four-year old boy was the lone survivor; he was left unharmed, but investigators are working to figure out what he may have seen.

The women’s relation to one another is as yet unknown, but police say they are working overtime to piece together the evidence they have.

“It’s very unusual, uncommon to have four people murdered in the city of Tulsa at one time, at one location,” Officer Leland Ashley said. “We’re basically pulling out all the stops to get this individual or individuals in custody for these homicides.”

The main concern as of now is the boy, who has been taken into protective custody during the investigation. Officials are urging anyone with information regarding the women or who they may have been in contact with yesterday to come forward.

“Right now, we have no clear-cut suspect we’re looking at at this point,” said Ashley. “I don’t want to strike fear in the community tonight, but we do have an individual or individuals who murdered four people. Do we know if there was a motive, like a jealous lover? We don’t know that. We can’t say if it was random or if someone knew (the victims).”

The apartment complex is said to be in a shady area, and some tenants were visibly shaken yesterday as police cordoned off the crime scene. At least one couple said they will be moving out as soon as possible.

This is not the place to be raising a 3-month-old,’’ 25-year old Frankie Williams said. ‘‘This is pretty intense.’’

  • trish

    I feel sorry for the families of these young lady, but I thank God that the baby was unharmed. At least one of those fools (the killers) had sense enough to leave him alive.

  • hard

    I think it was a terrible mistake on the part of the author of this article to be printing that names of people who live in the apartment building. They may now be in danger and just so this guy could get an article published….

  • So Sad

    You are so right Trish. Hopefully they will be okay

  • Yvonne

    yeah, i hate being stuck in apartments where I am too.Some people are used to it but I am not.I was always appalled at the idea.