3D Printer Can Make You Anything


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When WebProNews hit Vegas for the CES 2010 conference, we came across a number of new and interesting gadgets.

The MakerBot's CupCake CNC is a 3D printer/fabricator that can make just about anything you want. As long as the object you desire can be made out of ABS plastic and stays in a size range of 4″x4″x6".

Once the design is input using 3D modeling software or by visiting Thingiverse for a pre-made template, MakerBot turns the creation into reality. The machine begins 'printing' and soon after, a 3D model of the design requested materializes right before your eyes.

These 3D fabricators are priced between $750-$950 and have qualities that even attracted major companies like Google. The MakerBot representatives stated Google has invested in multiple CupCake CNCs.  For what?  We can only wonder....

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