300LB Probation Officer Kills Jack Russell Terrier

    October 15, 2013
    Alex Williams
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In one corner you have Antoine Jones; he’s a six-foot tall, 300lb probation officer armed with a handgun.

In the other corner, you have Patches; she’s a two-year-old, 12lb Jack Russell Terrier.

According to FOX 31, on Monday, October 7th, officers Antoine Jones and Ronnie Simmons visited Cherrie Shelton’s home at the Loblolly Mobile Home Park in Albany, Georgia to check on her son.

When Jones knocked on the front door, an alerted Patches started barking, so he decided to step off the wooden deck and move towards the front lawn.

Shelton then opened the front door to which Patches bolted through, running towards Jones. Though Shelton didn’t grab Patches, she told the officers that the dog wouldn’t bite – but before Patches could even reach Jones, he drew his weapon and shot one round into the dog’s chest.

Jones wasn’t injured.

“After being shot, Patches hid behind the house for 30 minutes fighting for her life,” Shelton told FOX 31.

After Patches was shot, Shelton asked the large officer why he would shoot such a small dog, to which Jones said that he feared for his life.

“He stated that he gave the dog verbal commands to get back, but the dog continued to come towards him in an aggressive manner so he fired one shot at the dog using his duty weapon,” recorded an Albany Police Department officer in the incident report.

Animal Control arrived at the scene, offering medical aid for the dog, but Shelton refused, saying she did not have enough money for a veterinarian.

Last Thursday afternoon on October 10th, FOX 31 received a statement from the Georgia Department of Corrections, which reads:

On Oct. 7th, two Albany Probation Officers were conducting a field visit. During this time, an Albany Probation Officer was involved in an incident that required him to use use of force against an aggressive canine during a field visit. An incident report was filed and it was determined that the Probation Officer responded appropriately.

On the Albany GA Police Department’s Facebook page (as well as the initial FOX 31 report), many Facebook users commented, expressing their disgust with Jones’ actions:

There has been no report on whether or not the police will file charges, or if Shelton will sue.

(Pictures via Albany GA Police Department’s Facebook page, WikiCommons)

  • Reality

    In Georgia, 1 in every 13 people are in prison, on parole, or on probation. They arrest at a rate of 2.5 times the average state in the country. Georgia operates 23 prison industrial plants and requires all state agencies to purchase from them. (They do not pay the prison workers and they sell products at a premium.) Half the people in prison in Georgia belong there and half literally do not — Georgia just wants the prisons full so that they can keep business operation flowing.

    I was an auditor that looked at the states operations. The amount of money they make off of incarceration is obscene. However, due to the way they report things, it makes it seem that they are losing money. It is the ultimate case of “creative” accounting.

    People may look at this and think nothing of it because it involves a little puppy, but really it is a symptom of a much larger problem in the state. If you look up StateIntegrity on the net, you will see Georgia ranks dead last in integrity. Values in the state are very much skewed. Simply put, if the police in Georgia would do this to a puppy, what are they doing to people?

  • Erika Watts

    That’s ridiculous!