Ohio State Ejections Result after Fight on the Field

    December 1, 2013
    Pam Wright
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Ohio State and Michigan’s legendary rivalry went to a whole new level when a brawl broke out in the second quarter of their matchup on Saturday.

The third-ranked Buckeyes’ right guard Marcus Hall and kick returner Dontre Wilson, and the Wolverines’ linebacker Royce Jenkins-Stone were ejected Saturday. All three players were flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and were ordered to leave the field after the fight.

Hall and Wilson threw punches after players gathered following an Ohio State kickoff return in the second quarter. Jenkins-Stone tugged Wilson’s helmet off and threw it to the field. An angry Hall stomped off the field, kicking, shouting and put both arms into the air and extending his middle fingers.

Ohio State beat Michigan 42-41 after an interception by Ohio State on a 2-pt conversion attempt by Michigan in the final 30 seconds of the game.

Further punishment may result for the Ohio State players, which could hurt the team during the Big Ten Championship game next week.

“The conference office will wait until after the game for the officials’ written report, review the video and then take further action if needed,” Big Ten spokesman Scott Chipman wrote in an email to The Associated Press.

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  • http://Yahoo Ruth

    I do not feel the the Ohio State player should be punish by keeping him out the next. some in house punishment but not exclusion. the reason I feel this way is because in watching the game, I felt that the Michigan player started it. Yes, the should have been more self control, but it is not easy when some one attacks. he should not have continued to do the things he did but Coach Meyers should be able to come up with some in house punishment

    • Lloyd

      If he would’ve walked away then there would’ve been no reason for him to be ejected. Both players should absolutely be kept out of the next game for conduct detrimental to the team.

    • anolesboy

      I think 30 days on bread and water would be a start. They should be docked their monthly check for 2 months. No money till they repent for their part in this shameful act. And all their stars should come off their helmets and when they return they should be forced to play one game without a face mask on their helmet.

  • http://Yahoo Patrick J Magee

    The Big Ten needs to take a stand here and have the ejected player that was giving the fingers to the MI stadium folks to sit out in the Big Ten Championship Game. Better yet, OSU should insist on this and be proactive and make that decision before the Conference Head’s do. OSU needs to send a strong message here that will help continue to build back some credibility in the school and program………..to do the right things.

    • Simone

      OK PAtrick & what punishment should the thug MI player get who started the fight? Or is playing for Uof M punishmeent enough?

  • Patty

    This is one of the most horrific scenes in college football that I have seen in a very log time. ANY player who threw punches should be suspended…PERIOD. A GREAT rivalry such as this should also entail GREAT respect for each other! END of Story!

    • David

      The most “horrific scene in college football”!?? Are you kidding me!?? It’s football! It’s physical, violent and emotional. They most definitley walked away if they were able to, when all five michigan players surrounded Wilson. They should not have fought. They should have been thrown out (the michigan players too). But anything beyond that is just preachy and pathetic. Stop being so sensitive people. Marcus Hall should be suspended at least a quarter next week for the double-bird shot!

  • charles

    Bottom line Muck Fishigan loses again to the Buckeyes.

  • robert

    How about suspending the 7 Michigan players who started the gangup on Wilson that led to the whole mess? Wilson got up from his return and found himself smack in the streets of Detroit. (starting at 20 seconds or so on the video) Hall should be suspended for his coming off the sideline to take the cheap shot and then birding the crowd.