263 Arrested: Gang Sweep Goes Nationwide

    August 16, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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The FBI conducted a nationwide sweep this week to bust hundreds of gang members, resulting in 263 arrests.

Authorities say 158 of those arrested were members of the notorious MS-13 gang, a group with rap sheets that include murder, assault, sexual assault, robbery and kidnapping charges. There were also several immigration violations involved, as many of the gang’s members are immigrants from Central and South America. According to Homeland Security, the group is one of the most dangerous in America–operating in 42 states–but members aren’t confined to the U.S., which has made tracking their movements all the more difficult.

Some of the items seized during the sweep included 28 firearms, 10 kilograms of marijuana, 123 grams of cocaine, over 770 grams of heroin and about $22,400.

The bust isn’t the only gang-related crackdown to come this year; in June, authorities announced that 30 alleged members of Texas prison gang Mexican Mafia were arrested for their involvement with the Zetas cartel in bringing drugs over the border to distribute them north.

“We will not tolerate any type of gang activity or organized crime,” DEA Special Agent In charge Javier Pena said. “If they are working an area we’re going to target them.” – See more at: http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/30-arrested-texas-sweep-notorious-gang#sthash.QiSzIrkG.dpuf

  • Bruce

    Beat their little asses, put them in non-air conditioned buses to the airport, put them on a C-130 with no windows and send their little asses back to wherever they came from. If they were born here, beat their asses again for not knowing better. Then, beat them again. Hey, they are lucky I consider myself a liberal-moderate. When it comes to crime, I have to go way, way right of the line. Did I mention they should have their little asses beat?

    • Please

      Yeah, Bruce and just for saying that you can be charged with a terroristic threat and become a criminal yourself.

      Think I am kidding? Research your laws and find out. People are getting arrested for nothing nowadays.

    • sandra zschoche

      I agree Bruce. Who cares if the bad guys are Americans or not. I don’ care how they get caught.
      God bless and protect the DEA.

      • Hmm….

        Sandra … I hardly believe God is going to bless anyone who goes around beating up another person….

        There is that whole…. turn the other cheek … forgive… show mercy thing that Christ just annoyingly preached over and over again …. even until he died because he believe so much in it.

        Are you insane. Christ is not going to bless people who go around casting the first stone. In fact, wasn’t there a whole episode when he stood against a mob of people wanting to kill a woman for her wicked ways?

        What planet do you live on?

  • http://attyahoo.com billy

    the democrats will just release this scum . they should be executed , that is the only way to exterminate the crime activites !

    • Please

      Are you that naive?

      You can be arrested for anything in this country. Anything. Anyone could follow you around for a week and arrest you for something.

      Yes, the gangs are very bad. I happen to think they are the worst type of criminal there is. If you ever research prisons, you will find that it is the gangs that do 95% of the violent things in prisons.

      However, don’t be so naive to think that you could not end up in a courtroom and believe me, once you are there, you will have to prove your innocence. That takes lots of money and is much harder than it sounds.

  • EloiseM

    I WAS HOPING THEY WERE THE BLOODS AND CRIPS. Or any Gang in Chicago,Il. Something is better than nothing, though. All need to be gotten rid of.

  • T_Johnson

    Good, now kill them. Remove them from society permanently. Rid the world of the corruption.

    • Please

      Those in authority are just as corrupt. I promise you of that. Yes, the gangs are bad, but do not delude yourself. Those in authority are just as corrupt and maybe more so because no one goes after them.

  • Rick Merrill

    I was elated to hear bout these recent developments over the past couple of weeks concerning the arrests of this group of criminal elements in addition to the covert arrest of 0ver one hundred pimps associated with the exploitation of innocent women and young children by our elite FBI, FDEA, and numerous other law enforcement officials.
    Thank you gentlemen for your service and demonstrated efforts to eradicate evil. Now If you would please focus your attention on the unabated cyber crime involving online dating scams and the like. Specifically; this criminal enterprise that has used http://www.AnnAngelxxx.com Using 100’s of alias’s either voluntarily or under duress to scam the elderly and innocent victims with her/th3eir lie and deceit. Using countless domains and websites that encompasses its tentacles that are far reaching than I had first thought since researching these roaches for 5 months now. They are savvy, cunning, lying, deceitful low life’s that use “Annangel” websites as their forum and cover for these scams. If anyone has been victimized by this group of misfits, please let your local law officials know or email me, so I can add this info to my research. Thank you all in advance. P.S. It is obvious to me that they are threatened by me as they are expending untold man hours to prevent me from going to their other sites to gather additional information. They are so sophisticated they have literally rendered my computers useless by infecting them with viruses and overwriting command to infiltrate my computer to harness my activity. Rick Merrill

  • http://yahoo luis

    arrest all criminals especially those that break the law. Our country
    must get rid of all gangsters drug dealers illegal immigration, they
    are all breaking the law in one way or another. The decay of this country is certain if we do not wage a war against these vagabonds.
    Thank you. Luis

    • Please

      Yeah, I know an illegal immigrant that was a 20 something year old woman who now is a trauma nurse. She is highly intelligent and is one of the best people you could ever meet. She is now a US citizen but had to spend months “detained” where she was sexually harassed by those in “authority”. Detaining a person is literally sending them to prison.

      There are many illegal immigrants who actually are very good for this country. They are family oriented and work very hard. I know many lazy Americans that we could do without.

      • http://Webpro Fred

        If you know how to separate the wheat from the chaff….!

    • http://Webpro Fred

      FYI; by definition if you break the law you are a criminal. However, your point is well taken. Thanks.

  • Kill them all

    Get Crips and Bloods too, and kill them all.


    Its good to get criminals off the street, but the whole Homeland security thing makes me nervous. Governments always test these protocols out on the bad guys first. Then the kind of bad guys. And then the guys who have traffic warrants. And then the guys who are late on their child support, and then the guys who… etc. etc. etc. Again good to get bad guys off the street, but Homeland security was not sold to us as something that would be used on Americans. And like it or not, at least some of them are American just like you. Some will say ‘they are nothing like me’ Technically and constitutionally, yes they are (again at least some.

    • EleniS

      Who do you feel that HLS should “test out” first if not the “bad guys?” As they cannot “target/test” good individuals if they have not violated laws..

      • Reality

        Famous last words before people are oppressed…. if you aren’t doing anything wrong you have nothing to fear ….. in reality, you have everything to fear because the definition of right and wrong changes like the wind.

        For example, the CIA established and funded Al Queda in 1979….. 3.5 billion dollars worth of funding in 1979 dollars…. now they are our enemies…. right/wrong changes with time.

      • Perspective

        Eleni …. I am sure the Germans said the very same thing about the Jews while Hitler was in power.

        You Eleni … one day could be a “bad” guy.

    • Please

      I agree. Everything is done to get the “bad” guys, but I assure you that you have to worry more about those in authority.

      If people knew just how many innocent people there are in prisons they would be shocked. People talk about criminals but a) never have actually talked with any and b) know very little about the details of their cases and c) have no idea what a real courtroom is like (it isn’t at all like you see on TV).

      For example, if a person pleads guilty all the evidence is considered “accurate”. However, the reality is the evidence is never even discussed. Many people plead guilty because of intimidation or because they can’t afford a defense.

  • Tom

    Lets see how long it takes for Eric Holder and his friends to let the “king pins” get off scott free.

    • http://Webpro Fred

      See what can happen when their energy is not spent chasing and prosecuting marijuana smokers.

  • http://AT&T Gary Jones

    Only 263 arrested out of 1 million. Sorry you need to get your stats up.

  • http://AT&T Gary Jones

    Only 263 arrested out of over a million. Sorry, you need to get your stats up.

    • http://WebProNews.com shannon

      I Have to agree with you on that…We have ms-13s here in white county Tn…

  • http://yahoo bruce lee

    why they dont fuck with the kkk

  • Carol

    What the heck only 263 that is a drop in yee ole bucket all that money spent for to me in my eyes nothing because they said nationwide.

  • fa freddy

    Tomorrow’s headline ‘262 released on bail’

  • http://yahoo moondog

    atlest it is a start

  • http://Yahoo jim

    I am sorry but these are not “gang members” these are members of a drug cartel. A gang is a group of thugs controlling a few blocks of a city strictly for their own use, they do not answer to anybody outside their own little circle.
    These people need to be prosecuted as members of a drug cartel and not as gang members.

  • sonya

    Some food for thought…Really your not going to share our email addresses okay until your served with a summons to hand them over to the biggest gang in the world law enforcement. Just saying…. once they become a part of it they now have a new family and it’s scary to watch the change that occurs, its what would you say… hum gang like? And I agree with many our nation is on the brink of ruin especially with the way their trying to take our gun rights away. Just look at what’s happened to the country’s that have done that. We need to teach more History the real history. And get off our asses and start making our congress, senators etc represent the people not what they think is good for us.. Please open your eyes and get involved we’ve sat on our butts for toooo long thinking that someone else would do it… Not.