$25 Corn Dog: New Diamondback Ballpark Snack

By: Pam Wright - March 18, 2014

I’m sorry, but this just looks nasty.

It’s nothing new that some of the worst types of foods are found at a ballpark at extraordinary prices, but this one takes the cake.

Big Dawgs at the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Chase Field have introduced a new ginournous corn dog that will not only satisfy any hunger needs of fans, but will also empty their wallets as well.

They are calling the new snack the D-bat Dog and it’s 18 inches of corn dog stuffed with cheese and bacon, according to ESPN Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell.

Not to worry, it comes with fries. No word on whether a drink is included.

Apparently, the Diamondbacks are also offering the $10 Venom dog — a foot-long habanero sausage with beans, guacamole and sour cream.

Tweets have started to filter in with opinions on the new Big Dawg fare.

Image via Twitter, Darren Rovell

Pam Wright

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  • Blocked Colon

    No thanks. My life is worth more that. Shame on AZ. Maybe my poop on toast will yield $30.

    • Gil

      Toasted Poop actually goes for about $35 bucks around my neighborhood

  • bumboo58

    you can suck on mine for free.

    • Yesenia


  • TechUser

    If people are really stupid enough to buy it, then the Diamondbacks deserve to sell it!! It’s a ridiculous price for an 18″ hot dog, cheese, and some bacon fried in batter!
    Capitalism and free trade, you gotta love it!

  • mike

    they have corn dogs like this at my local fairs for half the price!!

  • anbeithioche

    can i afford it? yes. would i waste my money on it? no thanks!

  • Monique Cantoni

    ew. reminds me of my ex boyfriend.

    • pnut166

      He had a skinny, lumpy, greasy penis ? No wonder he`s an ex.

  • Phiiiiiil

    That’s the best picture they could get of it? It looks like the Elephant man’s penis

    • rlj1010

      People write ‘LOL’ all the time, but your comment TRULY made me laugh out loud. Well done.

    • pnut166

      He had “18 ?

  • Dar robinson


  • pnut166

    If you`re gonna eat one of those habanero dogs, you better have an aisle seat near the bathrooms. And an extra pair of shorts.

  • Dar robinson

    I do love a good corn dog, but not for $25 , maybe a corn dog at a local fair for $3.95 or so but that is where I draw the line!!

  • rlj1010

    i love hot dogs, but hate corn dogs…. so this does not appeal to me.

  • johndis

    man the way this guy talks makes me not want to eat at all. good job yahoo

  • Gil

    that’s a ridiculous price, shouldn’t be more than 12 bucks, and that’s still too high

  • Blah BLah

    I mean the Texas Rangers have the 2 ft 1lb Hot Dog (BoomStick) which is sold for about $26 and I’ve seen so many people buy that.. then again it looks pretty decent compared to this and it’s a hot dog instead of a corn dog.

  • HumblyConceited

    Shows you just how fat America is

  • Chico

    Isn’t it even embarrassing to put this crap up?

  • http://rihannmusicvideos.com rocknrollrocker

    I called my corn dog this morning but he just wouldn’t move, so I ate him.