24 Million New Domain Names Added In 2008

16% growth

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The Internet added 24 million new domain names in 2008, according to the fourth quarter 2008 Domain Name Industry Brief by VeriSign.

The year ended with a total of 177 million domain name registrations across all of the Top Level Domains (TLDs). This represents 16 percent growth over the previous year. In the fourth quarter, more than 10.1 million new domain names were registered across all TLDs.

The five largest TLDs in terms of size were .com, .cn (China), .de (Germany), .net, and .org.

The overall base of .com and .net domain names grew to 90.4 million at the end of 2008. This is a 12 percent increase over the previous year and a one percent increase over the third quarter of 2008.

Total Domain Name Registrations

VeriSign says it is working to provide a way for people of all languages to navigate the Internet.  It supports Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) that use local language characters to represent a domain name.

"The potential for internationalized TLDs to enable a universally accessible Internet is promising," said Jill McNabb, vice president, Naming Services at VeriSign.

"But it must be done right. A careless or rushed approach will expose the community to a high risk of failure over technical and business issues. VeriSign is committed to working with ICANN and others to achieve a safe, consistent and ubiquitous user experience, while protecting company brands and their customers around the world."


24 Million New Domain Names Added In 2008
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  • http://www.macaucasino88.com/ macau

    Over the entire year, there was an average of 11.9 million new domain names registered per quarter compared to an average of 12.2 million new domain names registered each quarter in 2007.

    • http://www.pr-interactive.com florida web design

      wow, i guess I am going to have a busy year. lol.

      Peter Roesler owner of a Florida Web Design Company

  • Johnny

    Just wait…..there will be dropping of domains by breathtaking proportions later this year. It has already begun.

    The truth is it is already hard enough to get folks to come to a .com as we are all aware. Well, imagine the .biz, .info, .name, .aero, .us domains that are ghost towns. Unless they get developed into something really useful they always will be……so for many single domain owners and domain investors that have thousands of domains they will begin to look at these domains as liabilities, not assets. Those non-performers will get dumped. This will cause a domino effect and in a year or two we will come to see that other extensions, with the exception of maybe .net and ccTLD’s, will become virtually worthless. Everyone will gravitate back to the .com.

    Get ready to watch as domain registration numbers decline for the first time in the history of the Net. :)

  • http://yoyo-on.com yoyo

    wow, that’s so amazing and there’s so many number :)

    How about this year, can anyone prediction of that numbers?

  • http://www.hireservices.com.au freelancers

    I got a few .com domains that I will hang out to as long as I can. they might not be worth much now but they will in the future.

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    There is definitely a glut of domain names registered, but no content on them. Just try to register a domain name for your business or niche and you will find that most are taken and parked with no content or just ads.

  • http://songwritingtips.org/ How to Write a Song

    I guess in 2009 the number will exceed 30 million.

  • http://www.lightsonline.com/ Anonymous

    and there will be even more in 2010!

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    I’m sure these numbers have grown tremendously since this brief by VeriSign. The domain name market is enormous and many of them are just sitting dormant.

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