24 Gone from Netflix, Now on Amazon Prime Instead

    April 1, 2014
    Josh Wolford
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You may have seen the warnings that popular series 24 was vanishing from Netflix on April 1st, but today Netflix users were hit with the harsh reality, like a Jack Bauer punch to the throat. It’s no April Fool’s joke–24 is gone.

Netflix allowed their streaming rights to expire on the groundbreaking FOX series, but it hasn’t disappeared from the streaming world altogether. In fact, it’s just hopped over to Amazon. Starting today, Amazon Prime Instant Video can boast exclusive streaming rights to the entire series–192 episodes in all.

24 has been extremely popular with Amazon customers over the years,” said Brad Beale, Director of Digital Video Content Acquisition for Amazon. “Whether they are hard-core Jack Bauer fans or just discovering the series for the first time, Prime members are going to love catching up on the previous seasons of 24 as well as 24: Live Another Day.”

As yes, speaking of 24: Live Another Day–we’re pretty close to the premiere of the new miniseries. The 12-episode “television event,” which will see Jack Bauer back in action one more time, will debut May 5th on FOX.

And later in the year, Amazon Prime Instant Video will get that miniseries as well (exclusively, of course).

This isn’t the first popular series that Amazon has snatched up just months before a new season premieres. They recently did the same thing with NBC’s Hannibal and the BBC’s Orphan Black.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber and a 24 fan, well…

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  • http://bacc.cc/ The Q

    Well, goodbye Netflix.

  • rachel

    Thats bull shit Fuck you netflix I was on 37 so intense. I’m pissed.

  • Jon

    Im so pissed, i was on the last season half way through

  • PissedOff

    Netflix sucks balls

  • Gary T

    So upset. I started watching Season 1 just a couple of weeks ago and got half way thru season 2 and then – BOOM! Really. Come on Netflix. How about warning us better so that we dont get emotionally invested! Ugh!

  • Jim Johnson

    I was half way through season two… That bites. I am pissed

  • Disgruntled Netflix Subscriber

    What the hell man?! I was watching the series and now it’s gone. See ya Netflix…hello Amazon Prime.

  • Ohio

    Come on Netflix why did u have to take 24 off I was in season 7 and I wanted to watch it tonight but now I don’t get to because Netflix had to take it off.

  • Bye Netflix

    I made it all the way to season 5 episode 12 and its gone without warning. Nexflix you suck.

  • Omni Verse

    I am almost done with the last season (8) now all of sudden it is gone. WTF!

  • Stein

    Please put 24 back on Netflix. Nobody watches shows on Amazon!!!!!

  • Frustrated

    Wow…I see I’m not the only one pissed!

  • Not a happy camper

    I was so surprised and disappointed to find out that 24 is gone from Netflix! What the heck! Amazon Prime? Really? Who was suppose to be watching the deadline for expiration rights? I bet their ass got fired. So sad. BRING BACK 24! Can Netflix do that?

  • carolinablue

    I was on Season 6 episode 3 on Netflix. I watched it before I went to sleep and I was going to watch it the next morning. I was so mad. I had no warning as I hadn’t read anything about it. I will never buy Amazon Prime! However I did get 30 days free with Amazon. I will finish watching 24 and then it’s bye bye Amazon. I will keep my Netflix for my kids. I just hate the way it happened. I believe Netflix was in the wrong. They should have renewed it. Amazon is the real looser though, I don’t believe they will get enough people to watch.

  • annoyed

    So annoyed
    Why?? I was on season 1 and loving it. It’s such a great series, why did Netflix have to rake it off?? Ppl with no brains took that series off netfix. It’s not fair!! They should’ve at least let ppl know a month before so we could at least finish the season we were on. Totally annoying, stupid, and just plain dumb idea to take it off Netflix. Netflix ppl better start using their brains.