20 Tips for Getting More Out of LinkedIn

By: Chris Crum - April 7, 2009

LinkedIn wants you to use their social network. It only makes sense that they would provide helpful tips for doing so on their company blog. What’s a better use for a company blog anyway?

But LinkedIn is a popular social network among business professionals anyway, and those who already use it heavily and those who don’t can potentially benefit just the same by taking LinkedIn’s advice.

Tips for Personal Branding

Dan SchawbelThe most recent post from LinkedIn gives some insight into steps to take to get more out of your personal branding efforts on the network. Tips given by Guest Author Dan Schawbel include:

1. Use LinkedIn Groups
2. Fill out your profile completely
3. Unique URL
4. Applications
5. Linking

Schawbel wrote the book on personal branding (or at least one of them). He also runs his own blog on the subject. He’s received praise from US News & World Report and Entrepreneur. He knows what he’s talking about. If building your brand is one of your goals for LinkedIn, read his post.

Tips for Enhancing Your Job Search

Alison Doyle

If you’re trying to build your personal brand, there’s a good chance, you’re looking to further your career. Obviously job search is another key ingredient to that scenario.

Guest author and job search expert Alison Doyle elaborates on the following ten tips in her post.

1. Edit your profile
2. Include a photo
3. Professional Summary
4. Include keywords and skills
5. Contact settings
6. Profile website links
7. LinkedIn Applications
8. Your public profile
9. Grow your network
10. Get recommendations

"When you’re job searching, and even if you’re not currently seeking employment, LinkedIn is the one site you should be using to enhance your job search and boost your career prospects," says Doyle. "The best way to do that is to make sure you are using the full power of LinkedIn to maximize your employment potential."

Tips for Getting More Out of Groups

Ian McCarthy

Networking is a big part of social networking, and it is of particular importance within a network like LinkedIn, which is designed specifically to cater to the business professional.

Groups are a great way to participate in such networking. Ian McCarthy offers these tips for getting more out of groups:

1. Commit to a couple of groups focused on your key professional interests
2. Follow other groups
3. Use the news
4. Involve your coworkers
5. Learn about your fellow LinkedIn members

"Millions of our members join their first groups to associate themselves with a university, company alumni group, trade organization, or professional interest (Or Red Sox Nation.)," says McCarthy. "Having the logos of these groups on your profile adds depth and color to your professional identity on the Web. But the logo is only the start of the story."

Wrapping Up

LinkedIn only recently began a bi-weekly series of tips on the company blog. While WebProNews will likely cover them from time to time, staying tuned to the blog will surely give you a gateway for enriching your experience on the network, and can potentially help your career in one capacity or another.

Chris Crum

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