2 New Features from Compete

    April 2, 2007

Compete (of Compete Inc) is set to release 2 new reporting additions to their competitive analysis tools suite. Known as "Attention" and "Velocity" these features will be free of cost to all users.

I was able to get first hand insight on this new release through an interview with CTO/Co-Founder, David Cancel.

Listen to the Interview:

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Here are the questions I posed to David Cancel during our chat:

– Can you give everyone some background on Compete Inc and Compete.com?

– What are the new features that are going to be added to Compete?

– When will these features be publicly available?

– Can this type of reporting be found anywhere else?

– What can Compete offer that someone like HitWise/Alexa can’t?

– Compete.com data and reporting is better used for sites with large amounts of traffic, are sites with 20,000 page views or less a month not your target demographic or is this something you guys plan on improving?

– Why are you making this available for free? Is there a premium, paid version of this product as well?

– How often do you plan on providing new features and reports for Compete?

Here are some screenshots of the newest reports:

Attention: The total time spent on a domain as a percentage of the total time spent online by all US visitors

: Used to determine the relative growth of a domain. Effective in determining the impact of planned/unplanned campaigns, events, releases, etc…