2 Million Bikers to D.C. for 9/11 Anniversary


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Thousands of motorcyclists plan to ride to Washington D.C. for the twelfth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, despite the city's refusal to grant the bikers permits allowing them to coast through the city without stopping at red lights. Co-creator of the event Belinda Bee claims the group is being "discriminated against because we're Americans" after being denied the permit.

The 2 Million Bikers to D.C. group was planned on Facebook in response to a Muslim rally that is scheduled for September 11th and 12th. The rally, held by the American Muslim Political Action Committee, was originally called "Million Muslim March," which sparked outrage, many believing the event dishonored those who lost their lives because of the attacks. The Muslim rally's name was later changed to “Million American March Against Fear." While the AMPAC says their rally is being held to protest the “anti-Islamic bigotry in the years that ensued the al-Qaida terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people on American soil,” many are skeptical because of the timing.

Even though the bikers participating in the 2 Million Bikers to D.C. rally won't have a quick passage through the city, thousands plan to attend from all over the country. Nearly every state, including Alaska, has at least a few bikers who plan to make the ride.

Other groups planning September 11 rallies at the Capitol have extended invitations to the bikers, such as the Justice for Benghazi Rally. The backers of the rally want to hold the Obama administration accountable for the Benghazi attack, an issue many from the 2 Million Bikers group support.

While both of the events planned for tomorrow are supposed to be peaceful, there is certainly potential for the situation to get out of hand.

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