2 Billion PCs By 2015

    June 14, 2007

There will be over one billion personal computers in use around the globe by the end of 2008, and two billion by 2015, according to Forrester Research.

2 Billion By 2015
2 Billion By 2015

Brazil, China, India and Russia will account for over 775 million new PCs by 2015.

Simon Yates of Forrester said, "The industry can probably survive selling incrementally better hardware and software to the people who already have technology in their lives, but the vast majority of growth in the PC and related industries will come from emerging markets."

Mr. Yates added, "High volume launches into emerging markets are risky. Vendors won’t have the luxury of introducing products on a small scale to test the market before going into full production because the economics will force suppliers to focus on bringing volume to market more quickly at much greater risk."

The report also pointed out that PCs will last longer in emerging markets and vendors will have to work together to scale production.