’19 Kids and Counting:’ Jessa Duggar Wedding Plans Underway

    August 30, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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The 19 Kids and Counting family is already planning for daughter Jessa Duggar’s wedding. Jessa and Ben Seewald just announced their engagement but the Duggar family planning for the happy couple’s big day is underway.

Sister Jill Duggar just tied the knot in June, and like her sister, Jessa Duggar is excited about that first kiss with her groom.

“We’re really looking forward to the first kiss!” she said during an interview with ABC News. “We’re talking about it — what if we miss or mess up? We’re gonna have to plan this out or something!”

The Christian Post reports that Ben Seewald recently moved into a guest cottage located on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s property. This has fans thinking the wedding isn’t far off.

“The guest list is pretty big, but not as big as my sister’s,” Jessa Duggar shared with the media. “My list is a little smaller [than Jill’s was], but then Ben’s guest list is bigger than Derick’s. It will be another Duggar-sized wedding!”

It is expected that Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald will get married either some time this fall or winter. And like Jill Duggar’s wedding to Derick Dillard, they will rely on friends and family members to help make it an exciting day.

“We want to have a nice wedding that everyone will enjoy but at the same time, we’d like to push our budget more toward our honeymoon because that’s our time together,” Ben Seewald added. “That’s our first few weeks together.”

Sister Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have already announced that they are expecting a baby. Do you expect Jessa and Ben will soon follow suit?

In typical 19 Kids and Counting fashion, Jessa and Ben–just like Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard–courted rather than dated before becoming engaged and subsequently married. They engaged in hand holding and some hugs, but kisses are reserved for the wedding day.

One thing that Jessa’s wedding will have in common with sister Jill’s, in addition to the guest list and maybe even the decorations, is that TLC will film the special day for airing on a future episode of 19 Kids and Colunting. Ben also noted that the company will be filming part of the honeymoon, but added there will be plenty of private time for the newlyweds.

19 Kids and Counting starts a new season on TLC on September 2nd. Will you be tuning in?

  • Eyeroll Toidiots

    yah and shell be pregnant within a few days of being laid.. don’t these asses know about birth control?…. what a joke.. lets all show how much we phuck… more friggen kids

    • Eva

      wow that harsh your saying she should not be able to have a baby. I come from a huge family 12 kids on both side blessed to have many second and third cousins. Congrats on their wedding.

  • Eva

    I don’t get why families that spend time and teach their kids about morals are condemned. These parents Love and actually spend time with their children. Congrats on their wedding.

    • sagstar60

      These people are fundies to the max. They pump them out and expect the older girls to raise them. The boys get off scott free. They teach these kids they are meant to smile at all times and when the cameras are off bet the living shit out of them for shedding emotion. Then their is the thing of transfer of authority from the arranged marriages that The father sets up if you are fortunate enough to become his prayer partner. I hope TLC gets rid of this show. It is total trash.

    • Toni

      These parents love the kids. They also love the fact that they can now do all the work inside and outside the house. Oh of course take care of the little ones.

    • jH

      It’s cause they love God. People will always condemn goodness in the world. I think it’s great what they do! At least they can afford their children and don’t live off the system!

      • AdrianaElena

        they can “afford their children” because they have a reality show

    • Frances H

      Morals?? Not allowing your daughters to date? Picking out their husbands? Never leaving them alone with the guy? Not allowing kissing or hugging until after the wedding? Get real, those aren’t MORALS that is all about CONTROL. This is sheer idiocy in this day and age to have daughters who have no education, no job skills and no life outside of their family duties of cooking, cleaning and babysitting. Do you realize these girls have never been to a dance, never gone to a mall alone, never went to school??? You call this morals? I call it abuse.

      • suki

        They can’t dance. I don’t get why they feel that dancing would be against God. I just know if I get to heaven (which I know I will) I will be dancing! Otherwise it just isn’t heaven.

  • Eva

    Congrats !! Marriage is a blessing been married for 11 years and still in Love :)

    • Erika Nguyen

      I’ve been married 15 years & have 4 kids.

      • Kell

        14 years and 3 kids

      • mamabear1966

        Been married 28 years and we have 5 kids! But mine wasn’t arranged and my husband knows that I don’t ‘obey’, that I am my own woman. I enjoy getting to go to a movie alone, or the library, or things like that. I don’t need a chaperon, I have a Concealed Carry Permit and anyone messes with me, they are DONE!

    • Eyeroll Toidiots

      bfd you want a medal.. when you hit 57 years kids, grandkids and great grandkids then maybe ill listen. but I highly doubt it.

      • Terry Ulrey

        wow why do you hate so much? Is there any reason that people can’t be free to live their lives the way they want with out you condemning them? I feel sorry for you that your life is so bad. I will pray that your life gets better and you learn to love your self.

  • sarah

    Anything beyond 2-4 kids is globally irresponsible…

    • Zelda Pinwheel

      One. Anything beyond one kid is overtaxing Earth. Probably zero is best.

    • Citizen Kane

      That is not only ignorant, but does not even go along with current environmental studies.

  • juanita

    This is the most beautiful,God loving family I have ever seen! I wish everyone of them every blessing possible.

    • Maria

      Hardly Godly. They harass gays, send out nasty flyers around neighborhoods where a gay couple may reside, storm city council meetings with pickets insisting that transgendered people should not go to public schools or parks or restrooms or church because they are pedophiles. They make the Westboro bunch seem saintly.

      • Citizen Kane

        So you think a transgendered man should be able to go into a Ladies pubic restroom, full of women and little girls?! NO THEY SHOULD NOT!

        • Ava

          I would hope that one of the kids or mommy would have a gay kid or a transgendered one….. Lets see how Godly they are then. Everything is always easy when everything thinks and acts the same way like Jim Bob.

          • Citizen Kane

            Terrible of you wishing that a family would have a son or daughter that chooses to live a promiscuous or perverted s-xual lifestyle!

          • suki

            Being gay is NOT perverted! You are NOT citizen of this country that I would consider a patriot. My gut feeling is these Duggars would try to brainwash more religion into one of their kids if they said they were gay. That ain’t right.

          • Citizen Kane

            Yes, two men having s-xual relations, or two women, is perverted, immoral, shows a lack of character and virtue.

            As for me, yes I am a US Citizen and very patriotic, as I served for 8 years in the US military? And worked on several USAID sponsored projects overseas helping to eliminate poverty and protect the environment. How many years have you served this country and showed your patriotism by actions?

          • Lisa

            Are you asking us if you served in the military for 8 years? That doesn’t make you a patriot. It makes you someone who couldn’t get into college or find a job doing anything else.

          • Citizen Kane

            No, I served in the military for 8 years. Yes, that does make me a patriot. You have done nothing for this country. Your comment, about not getting into college, well again this shows you are ignorant since I have a Master’s Degree. You are showing yourself to be the true definition of a ignorant C-U-N-T.

          • suki

            I don’t care how long you were in the military! Meaningless. YOU obviously felt you were there to protect only certain people, not all of our people. YOU don’t get it.

          • Lisa

            The Duggars have already sent more than one of their kids to camps to straighten them out. They would be disowned by their family if they were openly gay.

          • suki

            YOU are the perverted one to even think like that. What do you care what anyone does behind closed doors? Seriously, why do you care?

        • mamabear1966

          I agree, Citizen! What’s likely to happen to all public restrooms is that they will be for one person at a time, either sex. That is the only way to ensure that pedophiles don’t mix with kids.

          • Lisa

            Transgendered doesn’t mean pedophile. If you have to have that explained to you then you are too stupid to live.

        • suki

          What are you afraid of? If they are transgendered………well do you know what that means for them? Do you know why? Don’t you get it? They feel they are female inside therefore they transgender.

      • roseydew

        Why should a transgendered man go into a girls restroom? If they still have the man equipment, they are in the WRONG place. Stop all the damn whining, get over your mixed up, wrong gender, screwed up selves and think about how you affect other people including children once in a while. IN OTHER WORDS…GET OVER YOURSELVES.

  • Susie

    Oh goody Ben and Jessa can live with Daddy and Mommy Duggar after they get married since I don’t know many 19 year olds that are ready to support a wife and family.

    • toni

      This family is a real joke. They will live on the family grounds so daddy can control everything they do. The weddings they give are a big laugh punch and crackers for 1000 people. They have people come to fill their home with all the goodies needed.Talk about using people. then the children are taught they are put on the earth to reproduce. I notice the only friends they have is who the parents choose for them. Brain washing. That is God loving.

  • sagstar60

    agreed one hundred percent

  • Naomi RBC

    I’m so happy for them! I love the Duggar family!

    • Maria

      There was a time I liked these people. No more. They are Satan worshippers who destroyed a 10 year old transgendered girl’s life. No true Christian would hurt another soul. These stupid trash did.

      • Citizen Kane

        What rubbish you post.

      • mamabear1966

        Who was it and why didn’t the rest of us hear of this? How do you know such things?

  • sandra kendall

    Eyeroll Toidiots your way of thinking is terrible. I would take the Duggers way of life any day. The world is in a mess, with people on drugs, and having free sex. Do you know why ? Because the parents don’t give a darn about what happens to their children as long as they are out of their hair.

  • Glennis

    You haters can say all you want. Sometimes I am bothered by Jim Bob’s overbearing ways but you can’t argue the fact with 19 kids they are all respectful and well behaved so the Duggars must be doing something right!

  • Julie

    I wonder if these kids are so anxious to get married is because they had no attention at all from their parents and were only used as babysitters. There is no way with 19 kids anyone gets any kind of quality time with the parents on a regular basis and maybe they are so quick to marry so they can get the attention from their spouse that they were so lacking growing up.

    • borogirl54

      I think they want to marry to get out of the house.

  • Hanna68

    OK, I can wrap my mind around the family being able to live and worship as they please. Something seems artificial, though, when a Duggar story appears on some news site (yahoo and People mostly) every day. The Duggars no doubt have a lot of control over their media image–including the highly, meticulously edited show they expose all family members to every week. The kids know about the big, bad, outside world and may start to develop their own interests, many of which might not match up with those of the parents’ (who themselves admit they physically touched in a no-no way before marriage). A tossup as to whether the young couples would be happier following the family faith rules (like Josh & Anna) or letting the suppressed parts of themselves develop.

    • Lindsey

      They’re in the news so often right now for publicity for their upcoming season and because they have so many big changes happening right now. And I do believe that one of the girls did say she wanted to move to a big city and live in the heart of it so you might just see some of them breaking off to live their own lives down the road.

      • Maggie Grace

        Lindsey…When one of the girls mentioned about moving to a big city (I believe it was Jinger), she was quickly, so very quickly, stifled by Michelle saying something along the lines that she (Jinger) wouldn’t like it or that it would not likely happen. Please don’t quote me, I think that was the basic idea. None of the kids or Michelle are really allowed to go anyplace alone anyway…kept under tight watch. They are all just one big freak show and massive hypocrits!

        • Hanna68

          Yes I did read that Junger expressed a desire to move to NYC. I’m also thinking that it must be really hard to find suitable mates for the adult-age children. Note that Jana and John-David have not yet wed (C’mon, lots of Bates to choose from!). No matter how controlling Michelle and Jim-Bob may be, I can’t envision them having the same control over, say, adult children over 25 as they have now. The family needs to project a semblance of being ‘holier” than the rest of us in order for the show to keep generating ratings. Don’t know how long that projection can stay sort of believable.

        • Aussie cathie

          The only place these girls will go is under some humping pig like El creepy JB !

  • AMB

    It is true, I have noticed that too. Michelle basks in the glory of the children but she doent do the dirty work. One of the girls does the laundry, the buddy to the younger child has to do everything for that kid and Jim Bob doesnt even ever have a buddy child. Michelle is buddy to the newborn babies so now that she cant have any will she take care of at least some of her kids? No wonder they make it so hard for the kids to marry they dont want to lose their babsitters. And they are worth over 3 mill. why did Jim B, have such a fit on one of the older episodes when she tried to buy Jordyn’s baby layette. He kept saying remember our motto buy used and save the difference, not on a baby layette, geez. My other issue with them is how are all the children going to pay for as many children as god gave them after all none of them go to college.

  • yankeebackinny@gmail.com

    This entire family should be neutered… Starting with the children….

    • Citizen Kane

      Oh, that is so tolerant. Sounds like what the Nazis use to say about the Jews.

  • Nancy Detzler


  • Frances H

    Now this poor girl, who never went out on a date with another guy, has to marry a 19 year old with no education and no job because her father picked him out. Maybe he looked like a good breeder.. Run, Jessa, run!!! These parents are two sick people running their own cult.

  • Sharon V.

    I enjoy watching the Duggar’s and their Family I have watched them for years and want to congratulations on their daughter Jill’s wedding and now upcoming Jessa’s
    wedding. I also am glad to see a family that teaches values and to keep God first in their lives you don’t see much of that on TV these days and i think you need to see
    more of this type of programming. I also enjoy watching Michelle and Jim Bob and
    AROUND THE HOUSE ,BUT THE BOYS LEARN EVERYTHING THE GIRLS DO AND VICE VERSA. I say Good Job to Jim Bob and Michelle alot of parents should teach there kids alot of what the Duggar Kids Know. How many Parents can say that their son or daughter helped build a house, or helped with construction projects. All their kids know all the ins and outs of caring for cars, other people, and having a caring
    good Heart to give of themselves to Help others . WTG Jim BoB and Michelle. you have my support and your family as well 100%.

  • mamabear1966

    I just watch the show to see which of the 19 kids makes a break for the REAL world and tells the parents that he or she is going to live his or her OWN life the way THEY want to live it. This little cult thing is really creepy. If the kids had any other known way to live, I wonder what they would chose?

    • Aussie cathie

      Would love to see Jana ride off to freedom on the back of a Harley !

  • Cheryl

    I watch the Duggards every chance I get. I love this family

  • lana

    It’s remarkable how any one can raise 19 kids who are all so well adjusted, I have one and I am always amazed by parents with multiple, I have watched the show quite a bit and the traditional family values works well for this family , so what if they may seem old fashioned in their values, it works for them, and that’s a family using what works positively for you.