14-Year-Old Does Exact Impression of Optimus Prime

By: Chris Gabbard - April 20, 2012

This kid has a voice that was made for broadcast. It’s hard to believe it is coming out of a 14-year-old. He could easily be the next voice you hear in movie trailers.

Unless, of course, he hasn’t hit puberty yet. I which case, his voice will become so low, it will be inaudible to human ears.

He easily rivals the late Don LaFontaine…

Or the real Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen…

[via: geektyrant]
Chris Gabbard

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  • Allyn

    He’s got a good voice, though I hardly think it is spot on for either the movie guy, or Optimus Prime. They are similar though, and if you listen to them back to back, they are the same voice. both impressions sound as if he is doing the other impression.

  • johpal8639

    Hey, Dude, You need to do this again when your voice deepens. You could be the next Optimus Prime.

  • johpal8639

    …..actuallly, there is some HollywoodTech to take care of that Pitch issue right now.

  • http://www.couponfreaks.com Jason

    he is fantastic, i would hire him he’s literally so good its untrue he is only 14