14-Pound Baby: Utah Woman Gives Birth To Giant Baby

By: Tobias Roth - November 1, 2013

A 14-pound baby has been making headlines recently in Utah, after being born months earlier to his parents Sarah and Joel Brandon.

The baby, Joel Brandon Jr. or J.J., was born in May, and the Brandon parents were totally shocked when he was born, especially since her ultrasound estimated his weight at about 11 pounds.

It is certainly no common occurrence for a baby to be this big, and this baby may be the heaviest baby that has been born in the US in the past year. Another odd thing about the situation is that Brandon had previously had twin girls, who were on the opposite end of size spectrum, weighing only 4 pounds each.

She said that her 14-pound baby jumped right into size 2 diapers, and is wearing the same size as his 2-year-old sisters. People that do not know them of course never believe his age either, due to his abnormal size.

After the delivery of her twins, she was certainly not expecting this. After her big 14-pound baby was born, she was as surprised as anyone would be, and said “When he came out and they put him on the scale and it said 14 pounds even, I was very shocked, to say the least.” The doctor that did the delivery also mentioned that it was the biggest baby that he had ever delivered.

She also noted that they needed 2 obstetricians deliver him because they knew he was going to big, although they had no idea how big. They struggled to get him out, and J.J. spent the first 10 days of his life in the neonatal intensive care unit because of lung problems, but has done well at home since leaving the hospital.

In case you are wondering just how rare it is for J.J. to be born as a 14-pound baby, Dr. Robert Barbieri mentioned that “approximately one out of 1,000 babies could weigh 11-pounds, and one out of every 100,000 could weigh 14 pounds.” It is very rare for a baby to be this big, because usually a doctor will induce labor if the baby appears to be oversize.

J.J., the 14-pound baby was born on May 9, at the Timpanogos Regional Hospital in Orem. He weighed in at 23 pounds for his four month checkup.


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  • TM

    Tobias needs to learn how to write correctly…….. pretty sad considering he has a bachlor’s degree in English. There are so many grammatically incorrect uses of words and missing words in this article it is ridiculous!

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      And you need to learn how to spell check and appropriately use the ellipsis.

  • Scimitar12

    Wow, I bet her you know what feels as big as the Grand Canyon. She’ll never get back to the shape she was in before this big boy was born. She can whistle in two spots.

    • http://Yahoo MM

      Gee that is so intelligent…it is called a Cesarean section..Read she had one of those not a Vaginal Birth.

      • C45

        Nowhere in the article did it say anything about a C-Section. The doctors said “It is very rare for a baby to be this big, because usually a doctor will induce labor if the baby appears to be oversize”. It may be possible but this article is a very poor source to base any claims off of.

        • Wicked Red

          The video on other “sites” indicate it was a C-section.

    • Frank White

      hmm huh thats why i want to meet her..

      • Frank White

        oh she had a c-sect.. never mind i dont want to meet her…

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      It was a C-section birth – thank goodness !

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    of course he is big….he’s American.

  • Shaylin

    What a cute baby! :)

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      she must of had a BBC :)

  • Barbara

    My son was born on Oct 11 of this year and he was estimated to be 9 lbs but instead was 11 lbs and 3oz. I was in shock considering my small frame and never developing gestational diabetes or high blood pressure. Due to his heart rate dropping fast when my water broke, I ended up being reeled in for an emergency c-section. Still, if that would have not been the case, the labor would have been long and painful, more so then it was for me already.

  • hank

    Poorly written and poorly edited.

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    How did they know the baby was going to be big? The rabbit exploded.

  • http://Yahoo Colleen Harrison

    My last baby was almost 12 pounds, 23-l/2 inches long. He looked very similar to the Utah 14 pouond baby. When he was born, they had no undershirts or diapers to fit him….. Had to go to pediatrics for some. He was born wearing 3 month clothes and came home drinking 6 ounces or more and slept thru thenight immediately. Wow I love these big baby stories.

  • Josie

    A BIG congratulations! To you haters in the comment section-being happy takes less energy than hating. A beautiful, healthy baby is the best part.

  • Brandon Schwartz

    Man, this could be the next big star in the NBA one day :)If he’s that big already, imagine 20 years from now!

  • http://gofiggr.com Danof89

    My wife gave birth to our youngest (1 ounce shy of 11 pounds) 9 years ago…It was a “natural” child birth. I was there at delivery and there was nothing “natural” about it…Scary and NO pain medication. My wife just started walking “normally” again a week ago, last Thursday…just kidding…but Kudos to women who give birth to a child of “any” size…It is still a mystery to me, how they choose to experience that more than once…as a “dude”, I can honestly say, we could NEVER do that.

  • swebb

    I had a baby girl 11# 3 oz, ended up with emergency c section as she was not coming out after 4 hours of pushing- I was so exhausted I passed out. She was my 3rd child-