13 iPhone 5 Rumor Videos You May Have Missed

By: Chris Crum - August 24, 2012

As you may be aware, there have been a lot of rumors about Apple’s next iPhone. It looks like you’re only a few short weeks away from finally seeing the device, and just a bit longer from being able to actually own one, but the rumors have been non-stop for as long as I can remember at this point.

Many of the rumors come with videos, whether showing off alleged parts, putting together concept designs, or simply poking fun. Following is a collection of the videos that have surfaced over the course of 2012. You may have seen some of them. You may have seen all of them, or maybe you’ve not seen any of them. Either way, here’s 13 videos that iPhone enthusiasts have put together. Enjoy them now, because soon they will all be irrelevant.

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  • Karin

    Any word on whether you can change the battery????? I use a TON of data at my job(s) as a part-time graphics designer via AT&T/4GLTE and I need to change batteries probably twice a day or more. Woudl love to get the iPhone 5!!!!!

  • jeff

    I really don’t want to watch 13 videos…

  • Rony

    We love apple..come fast