12-Year-Old Stabbing Incident Inspired By Website?

By: Toni Matthews-El - June 4, 2014

Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier are the two twelve-year-old girls at the center of a vicious and disturbing crime which may have been inspired by a website.

The two girls reportedly lured a friend to a wooded area in the city of Waukesha, Wisconsin on Saturday.

Once there, the preteens stabbed the female victim 19 times.

Following the incident, the 12-year-old victim was rushed to an area hospital where she is presently recovering for her wounds.

Her name has yet to be released to the public.

Geyser and Weier were charged as adults with attempted first degree murder on Monday.

The pair faces a maximum sentence of 65 years in prison.

In the days since the incident, it has been determined that the two girls decided to commit the act as a show of loyalty to an urban legend called “Slenderman”.

This figure is believed to prey on innocent children.

It is now being reported that the two girls may have decided to commit this crime based on what they read about the figure on a site called Creepypasta.

The girls told police that after learning of the myth on the website, they spent several months planning to kill one of their peers.

After they murdered their victim, the two preteens intended to go to the Nicolet National Forest where they believed Slenderman lived in a mansion.

Creepypasta defended itself from blame for the incident with the following disclaimer:

This is an isolated incident, and does not represent or attribute the Creepypasta community as a whole. This wiki does not endorse or advocate for the killing, worship, and otherwise replication of rituals of fictional works. There is a line of between fiction and reality, and it is up to you to realize where the line is. We are a literature site, not a crazy satanic cult.

Do you think Creepypasta is partly to blame for the incident? Should this serve as a warning to parents to better monitor their children’s online behaviors? Share your comments below!

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  • William

    This wildly punitive nation has gone overboard with this repeated charging children as adults. A 12 year olds brain has not developed into an adult yet. Its madness to put these girls in prison for he rest of their lives.