10 Search Topics That Require Further Discussion

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The search industry has changed a lot since it was conceived years ago. The rate of change shows no signs of slowing down either. That’s one reason why it pays to keep up with the current trends and discussions surrounding the industry. One way to do this is through attending conferences. WebProNews attended and covered Search Engine Strategies in Chicago this week, and we’ve put together ten selections that can help you learn a thing or two for your own search engine marketing endeavors.

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1. A Black Hat Debate

There was an interesting discussion about the difference between "Black Hat" and "white Hat" SEO, and how their meanings change over time. This led to talk about Google’s place as the enforcer of rules.

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2. What’s Better: PPC or SEO?

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should focus your efforts on PPC or SEO, some experts looked at the pros and cons of both, which could help you in your decision. Of course using both is always an option, but does one fit your plan and budget better than the other?

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3. Ranking In Real-Time Search

Real-time search has been the subject of much discussion throughout the industry in 2009. Now the year is almost over, and Google has finally introduced its version right into its regular search results.  What does this mean and how can you optimize for it?

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4. The Future Of Online PR

PR tools change over time, but the principles remain relatively consistent. In the age of social media, many PR professionals have discovered just that, and many more marketers continue to do so as time progresses. That said, PR must still evolve to utilize the evolution of tools and go where the people are.

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5. Lessons from Political Social Media

Social media has changed politics. There’s no question about it. The last U.S. Presidential election really highlighted it, but you can expect that every election from here on out will accentuate that point further. Dan Siroker, former Deputy New Media Director for the Obama Presidential Transition discussed the topic at the conference and pointed to five lessons that should be taken away.

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6. Be Proactive to Avoid Duplicate Content Issues

Duplicate content is one of those topics in search engine marketing that comes up over and over again. It never really goes away. Though Google has come right out and said that it doesn’t exactly get you "penalized" in their search engine, there are still reasons it should generally be avoided in most cases (though there are exceptions). Experts discussed ways to better manage your content to avoid duplicate content issues.

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7. Small Businesses And Social Media

The big companies often make social media look easy, but let’s face it. Small businesses just don’t have the same resources. That doesn’t mean that small businesses can find a tremendous amount of benefit to using social media channels to connect with the customers and the general public. Need some advice?

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8. Moving Beyond Google

There’s no question that Google is a dominant force on the Internet. You can hardly ignore Google as a marketer or webmaster. Still, it’s not the only thing people use on the Internet, and it’s not the only way they find content, products, and sites. It shouldn’t be your only area of focus. At SES, some tips on moving beyond Google were discussed.

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9. How Marketers Can Find Success Via Search

Search is getting harder for marketers all the time. Search engines frequently change how they deliver results. Google has really driven this point home in the past week with the announcements of personalized and real-time search. Search marketers have to constantly adapt. Still, there are some things that never change. Experts discussed how marketers can find success with search in one session at the conference.

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10. Optimizing for Mixed Media Search Results

One of the ways search is getting more challenging for marketers is the inclusion of mixed media search results like Google’s Universal Search. Google sometimes delivers news search, image search, blog search, local search, and other kinds of results (now real-time results) in SERPs, and while this can be great for users, it also means less focus on organic search results. That means as a search marketer, you really can’t ignore the mixed media result being pulled.

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As always WebProNews conducted a number of exclusive interview at the conference. These will be posted over time, so check the WebProNews Video Blog frequently. Here is a taste of what we have live so far:

Conferences like Search Engine Strategies and others frequently provide great discussion about topics that WebProNews readers care about. That’s why we attend so many of them. We also like to extend the discussion that takes place at the conferences to our readers. That’s why we encourage you to comment on our articles and extend the conversation even further.

Share your thoughts on any of the ten topics mentioned above.

10 Search Topics That Require Further Discussion
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  • http://affiliatewebsitereview.com Rick

    First, let me say that I really enjoy my subscription to Web Pro New; and, in particular your articles. I delete a lot of ‘stuff’ in my inbox, but I really look forward to your ‘stuff.’

    I’m really interested in finding whether there is any direct correlation between organic search and PPC. While my empirical evidence is a bit weak, at least I’ll still continue to pursue it. My affiliate site accounts were recently banned by Google. I may make a hat saying that! lol It is a kind of privalege in a way… if you are the eternal optimist I tend to be.

    I believe they were justified in banning me. A lot of my first time attempts were really, really poor and I believe their “look-back” on my history really did it. That’s fine! I wasn’t even doing PPC with them at the time of my ban (within the past two weeks).

    I was concentrating on building content to my site and SEO. I was using Alexa as my measurement tool. I was consistently bringing down my number (from the high 700K to almost below 400K) today. I have the tools and methods in place to continue this trend. Obviously, I’m doing this to bring organic traffic to my site.

    The Google cops stress value, original content, unique content, positive experience… and all that. The only way you get it is to build upon your focus, keep it consistent, and build some more. I’m at the point that they are now sending me traffic. Not a lot, but it’s free! Well at least free in respect to the work I’ve done.

    I would think that they would re-evaluate my site, but that’s not likely and I’m not going through that pain. Still, I have to wonder what my quality scores would be with them now if I just started to do PPC. The advice I would provide anyone is this. Do not invest in PPC with Google until you have plenty of original content. Just my opinion… 20-30 pages and make sure they are properly SEO’d.

    I only use WordPress now. They rock! Their plugins are simply fantastic and make it much easier to SEO your site. Do not let me inadvertently mislead you. I’m not saying this is easy and you can make a ton of bad mistakes. You have learn, learn, learn some more and get advice from people you trust.

    But, I’m of the belief that if you build enough original content on your site and properly SEO it, you place yourself in a great position to succeed. Wait until you start seeing some free or organic traffic on your site. (WordPress has plugins that will enable you to do this). Once you hit this level, then begin PPC. My bet is that you will be more than happy with your results. My money is on a correlation between organinc search and PPC with Google.

    But, this is just my opinion.


    Rick Samara
    Skype: rick.samara

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