1 Million Facebook Likes Can Get You More Than a Puppy, If You Know What I’m Sayin

    January 18, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Apparently, 1 million Facebook likes is the new measurement for something you don’t think is possible but is totally possible, and really not that hard.

Yesterday, we told you about the cute kids who won a new puppy, after their parents told them they could get one if they could generate 1 million Facebook likes. The kids posted a cute picture, and 13 hours later had a million likes. Now, the stubborn parents have to get their kids a puppy. Kids: 1. Facebook: 1. Social media-underestimating parents: 0.

Now, it looks like some dude might just get to hook up with a girl because Facebook users are the ultimate bros.

Petter Kverneng posted this photo to his Facebook Timeline 22 hours ago:


As of right now, the photo has nearly 1.3 million likes. It looks like Petter may be getting some action.

Or, not, you know. Facebook likes aren’t a binding agreement. Norwegian site verdalingen.no reports that the two posted the photo as a joke with friends, and that Petter and the girl, Catherine (both 20), have never been romantically linked. BUT, they say they’re going to go through with it.

Mashable says that the photo was posted to 4chan’s /b random board, which would explain its meteoric rise.

Good for you, Petter. I guess. Or not. It’s kind of weird I guess. But then again, you could’ve just done it without involving Facebook. Freakin’ kids.

  • http://www.mayura4ever.com Mayura

    Wierd enough 😀 BTW Glad to hear it’s a joke.


    • ART

      nope, joke or not they made a verbal contract. Shes obligated to do him atleast once which depending on his sheer force of will. will only last about a minute or 5 so whats 5 minutes out of 100 goddamned years?

      • Chance

        Sorry, but in order for a verbal contract, like a written contract, to be legally binding, there has to be a component of consideration. Both parties have to be giving up something of value (be it time, money, etc) for the agreement to be binding. Debates about defining “valuable” in this case aside, an instance like this one could argue that she is giving up something but he is not; all that is required from him in the agreement is to acquire something. Instantly unenforceable contract.

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